Creationism & Evolution

4 April 2015
Examines conflicting beliefs & theories & debate over proper role of each in educational system.

School systems are struggling with the dilemma of whether or not to teach creationism as an alternative view to evolution theory. If, as many scientific creationists believe, God’s message is important in defining the content, aims, and conditions of educational practice, then creationism does belong in the classroom. However, those who propose that creationism is not science, and that creation science is a misnomer, are opposed to the intervention of religion into the public educational program; after all, public educational programs should be separate from concerns of the church.

Creationism & Evolution Essay Example

Despite separation of church and state, religious ideologies are hardly ever without consequences for the practice of education. Fundamentalist Christians who support a creationist theory will differ from liberal Christians who have no problem…

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