Creationism Vs. Evolution research paper

7 July 2016

One thing a lot of people argue about is creationism and evolution. Evolution is discussed and supported in a number of different places. Mostly, scientists use Darwin theory of evolution (Darwinism) to support their theories that man evolved from ape-man. Ape-man is the most common ancestor to use humans. On the other hand, most religious faiths support the idea of creationism. Creationism is the theory that humans were created in the hands of God. This theory is supported most heavily by Jewish and Christian faiths.

Evolution and Creationism are like the two sides of a coin, because both try to provide us with an explanation of where we came from. The first viewpoint is the scientific viewpoint of evolution. This viewpoint is being teach all over the United State of America. So because of that the first thing that should pop in your mind about evolution should be Charles Darwin because he is the founder of natural selection of evolution. The first thing you should know is that Charles Darwin was born on February 12, 1809 and lived up to April 19, 1882 (lived for 73 years).

Creationism Vs. Evolution research paper Essay Example

Charles Darwin accepted evolution as a fact in that time most people disagree with him. Most or the most important of Charles Darwin research was made in the Galapagos Island (the Galapagos Island is located 600 miles directly west for Ecuador in South America). One of thing he found was that the same type of mocking bird looked different for island to island he went too. Another thing is that Charles Darwin saw that there was a slight variation in the shell of the tortoise (this show what island the tortoise came from).

One of the fact are that we had a closed common ancestor know as the ape-man they lived about 15 to 40 million years ago, they walk like us put there were a lot of difference. The order of human evolution starts from primate, higher primate, hominoids, hominids.

Most of The first primate evolve to lemur, put some evolve to higher primate that most of them evolve to monkeys, and other evolve to hominoids and some evolve to apes, and the one who evolve are know like hominids and they evolve to ape-man and others evolve to humans. Hominids means to walk upright, having long lower limbs, thumb that oppose or work against the other four fingers, and relatively larger brains. They had found a seven million year old skull in Africa of a ape-man a hominid ancestor they name it Sahelantbropus Tehadensisi, this is one of the many they found that provides Charles Darwin points.

Evolution is like the root of the tree because we fall in the breach and we have different breach, their are a lot of different breaches because we went all ways human at one point we evolve to human put it was not in the process of on it was in million of years so we can come for the most first type of mammals. The second viewpoint is the religionists viewpoint called creationism. The theory of creation is the belief that a super natural being created all living thing in the their present form.

The Christian group accept the creation story in the bible book of genesis as a literal truth. In Jewish religion It is said that god created the whole world and everything in seven days God created the heavens and the earth. Some say that God also created the Torah at this time and a mighty voice crying Return you children of men. God said Let there be light and there was light. And God saw that it was good god divided the light from the darkness naming them day and night Evening and morning came the first day.

God said Let the waters be divided. And God made the arch of the sky to hold back the waters from the earth. He placed some above the arch and some below some tell of the waters arguing about this division and thus disagreement entered the universe. Of this day God did not say It is good. Evening and morning came the second day. God said Let the waters under heaven come together and dry land appear. Thus the earth arose and plants and trees grew and God saw that is was good. Evening came and morning came – the third day.

God said Let the great light and the small light appear in heaven to govern day and night. God saw that it was good Evening came and morning came the fourth day. God said. Let the waters fill with creatures and the sky with birds. God saw that it was good and blessed them. Evening came and morning came the fifth day. God said Let the earth bring forth every kind of living creature. God saw that it was good. Then, last of all when the earth was ready God said. Let us take dust and create man Adam, to be master over all creatures. So Adam was created in

God’s own image. God saw that Adam needed a friend woman. Some say that the earth was worried and asked. How shall I feed all her children God replied Fear not, together we shall find food. So Lilith was made from the dust, also in God’s image. But Lilith would not live with Adam and went her own way. So God made a woman before Adam’s eyes but Adam turned from her. Finally, putting Adam in a deep sleep, God took one of Adam’s ribs and made Eve and placed the couple in Paradise. On the seventh day, God finished his work and rested.

And Paradise was blissful, until Adam and Eve ate fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which God had forbidden them to do. God punished them and cast our parents out of Paradise to struggle in this earthly life. Those are some idea of the view point of creation because there are million of different religion in the world so these are some of the example that religion argue about with the modern science of biology theory. Modern Jewish and Christians said that the biblical story’s of creation is a poetic or metaphorical myth about a power of a god in the universe.

They said that god created the world, plants, animals, and humans in their present form in only a few thousand years ago. Another is the story of Chinese Creation Story. That All three speak of the yin and yang the dark and the light as being the creative power which sustains all life and being. Yin and yang are not to be seen as gods in any sense. They are the natural forces behind nature and even the gods such as P’an Ku are creations of the yin and yang. Let it be told of a time when there was nothing but chaos and that chaos was like a mist and full of emptiness.

Suddenly, into the midst of this mist came a great colorful light and from this light all things that exist came to be. The mist shook and separated that which was light rose up to form heaven and that which was heavy sank became solid and formed the earth. Now from heaven and earth came forth strong forces and these two forces combined to produce yin and yang. Picture this yang like a dragon hot fiery male full of energy. Imagine this yin as a cloud cool female drift slowly.

Each of these forces is full of great power. Left alone they would destroy the world with their might and chaos would return. Together they balance each other and keep the world in harmony. This then is yin and yang and from them came forth everything. The sun is of yang and the moon, yin. The four seasons winter spring summer and autumn and the five elements water, earth, metal, fire and wood sprang from them, So did all kinds of living creatures. Now there is two viewpoint one is evolution and the other is creation.

Many people who go or went or goes to a public school know or will get to know about evolution. A little brief history after World War II 1939 to 1945 when the United States became involved in the Cold War with its rival the Soviet Union. Military and technological superiority led the President Dwight D. Eisenhower to declare a new American focus on scientific research he channeled significant federal funding to American schools specifically for science education including the teaching of evolution.

After all that they started to teach evolution so the future can be more open minded about the world all over us. So why did we stop teaching creation in public schools that is a easy question. They stop because they proposed laws in many states that creationism and evolution should both be taught as competing theories however because creationism was faith based and the constitutional separation of church and state effectively kept religious teaching out of public schools.

So now if you what to learn religion in school or if you are a every religious person now you will have to go to a private schools. The number one thing is that both evolution and creation have some similarities the one similarities is that both of them want to try to explain how all of us and all living thing around us came to be. But the thing is that evolution is a scientific provide fact and creation is a myth in a biblical story. In conclusion a coin has two faces Evolution and Creation put they have on similarities and a lot of differences.

I am going to talk about the facts of the founder of natural selection, then of the ape man the closet thing that was to a human, then the creation the big belief of a gods that created everything that lives on this earth, lastly is the two view points of why school teach evolution and why it does not teach creationism, and there similarities between both. Also, i will talk about some religion story like the jewish way and chinese way of religion. I will show you all the faces of the coin now which one do you think is the most believable that is your decision what you want to pick which one do you believe?

Now lastly my own personal view point is that Darwin was right because it make a lot of scents he have fact on every thing he talks about he has a way to provide his point. But on the other hand seen your little you are told to believe in a certain religion seen your your born you have to go to a church or temple or what every you believe in it is mostly put to you or if you parent believe in something then most certainly you will come out believing in what they believe in.

Another thing about evolution is that is you have something in your mind them you should said it only if it is something appropriate to said put the bad thing about religion is if they don’t believe them you are not allow to said it that is why before, the church us to have a huge saying in everything so back them science was rejected and push to the side. So if you said something or made something that went agains the religion then you could get sent to get kill or murdered on the spot because religion has a huge saying on everything and they had a lots of power.

Put now their are religion that still have a lots of power the catholic people have a pope and basically get treated like a king because he is given what ever he want to get. Evolution is a big because it plays a huge roll on how we can to be because most people said seeing is believing put of course nobody saw how we came to be so evolution show how we could of begun with in are life.

Lastly is that there are a lot different religion like Australian Aborigines, Chinese Creation, Christian Creation, Hindu Creation, Humanist Creation, Jewish Creation,Muslim Creation, and Yanomamo Sanema. And mostly religion and science are always arguing about mostly everything the talk about there like cat and dogs and they both want to provide each others wrong. That is my own personal view point about the evolution and creation.

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