Creative product promotion

8 August 2016

In this task I will be explaining the role of advertising agencies in the development of a successful promotional campaign; however I will also be looking closely at what type of media they have been using to make adverts for the X-box one. Microsoft will have two ways of doing their promotional activities, such as outsourcing and in-housing. If Microsoft want to success better they will have to choose to outsource which means that they will have to give their promotional work to an advertising agency in order to assist them.

What are agencies – An advertising agency is a service provider that works for companies to create a successful and goal oriented advertising campaign aimed to represent the company positively in the eyes of its target market. Advertising agencies help clients to make an attention grabbing, persuasive and unique ad campaign that makes the brand stand out in the thoughts of customers.

Creative product promotion Essay Example

The first thing that the advertising agency will do is to identify Microsoft’s goals, target audience and product. By knowing this information it will help them with planning and creating an effective advert. Roles of the advertising agency – The role of an advertising agency is work alongside clients to serve a major of developing, enhancing the image, and supporting a brand in the market. The view of a brand by the consumer is a high importance in its acceptance and longevity.

This will place a large amount of responsibility on the advertising agency creating it, through consumer perception and understanding, in the way that grants it acceptance and growth. The change of a product into a brand is an ongoing one and the advertising agency plays a major role in leading the change, this is achieved by communicating the brands own identity and making the consumer aware what the brand has to offer.

Advantages and disadvantages of using an advertising agency – Advantages – There is access to wider market studies/ research- subscribed to market data providers Greater awareness of trends; for example social, technological and fashion Better able to come up with new ideas- experience of working in other markets Wide range of experts and specialists- team members a specifically picked to meet the needs of the products Greater purchasing power- able to buy media space in bulk

Disadvantages Cost – hiring an advertising agency is extremely expensive Time – it takes a long time for planning and production and to get permission to release the adverts No experience in that market- the agency may not have experience in advertising products like that Conclusion- In conclusion I have explained the role of advertising agencies in the development of a successful promotional campaign and I also spoke about the advantages and disadvantages of using an advertising agency.

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