1 January 2018

Innovation brings change to organizations, individual lives and the society. So, the most important part of innovation is to convince people that the new ideas are useful and will be helpful in adding value to their lives (Bingham & Spiraling 2011). This Is because many people are resistant to change. In a business context, Innovation Is defined as the process of introducing new products Into the market, or the action of bringing changes to something already existing In the market by Introducing new methods, ideas, or products (Allendale & Banks 2007). Trucker (1985) provides thatInnovation Is the act that gives resources a new capacity to create wealth. On the other hand, J Brown-Kahn (1984) defines It as the process of generating new Ideas and making appropriate decision about them to create something useful.

Overall, Innovation Is about creating new things that fulfill specific goals, or Improve the value of life. Innovation Introduces change to organizations, the society and the lives of individuals. So the most important aspect of innovation is persuading people that new ideas are beneficial and will be supportive in adding values to an individual’s life (Bingham & Spiraling 2011).

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