Credible vs. Non-Credible Websites

1 January 2017

Credible websites are trusted websites usually funded by the government, scientific, or college associations. Usually the end ends in . edu, . gov, . org. Non credible websites are websites by people who post their opinions or their opinions of a fact. Anyone can make a . com or . net easily and say whatever they choose to say Credible Websites: (http://curious. astro. cornell. edu) A credible website is a site that displays accurate, useful, and true information. It has a history and reputation of delivering trusted information.

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Credible vs. Non-Credible Websites
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It will be upfront about where it gets its information and post dates on information posted, both so that it can be verified. It also to let the readers know how old the information is. Credible sites will have clear navigation and a site map. It also changes users attitudes to think positively about the site operator, to feel comfortable interacting with the site, to register personal information and to the site oten. People quickly evaluate a site by visual design alone. A credible website would post a physical address. Some credible websites post empoyee bios, including information about hobbies.

Non-credible Websites: (http://survive2012. com) A non-credible website will probably be muddled and difficult to navigate and broken links. They may just post text without any thought toward design. They are biased and they lack source information. Non-credible websites are not backed up by credible entitites . org, . edu, and . gov. They are not beilevable and do not have structure or seniority such as websites that have alot of advertisement. Some factors for a non-credible website are grammar errors, spelling errors, no privacy policy and terms of use.

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