Credit Card Essay

5 May 2017

I agree most Americans should not use credit cards. The reason being is most don’t take the time to read the fine print and they begin to use the cards foolishly and put themselves in a lot of debt , on the other hand you have more responsible people who purchase wisely and understand the consequences of their actions. Countries are facing bank crisis and people are spending more than they need to spend.

According to the Nilson Project, February 2010, the average credit cards debt per house hold is 15,788 and the number of credit cards held in a house hold is 3. 5. Credit cards can get you out of debt but also put you back in debt. The bad thing about having a credit card is people don’t realize how much money their actually spending as stated early on some Americans understand a credit card is a useful tool and don’t abuse it some don’t even have a balance but they still carry one its only a select few that live beyond their means and run up their debt. 76. 8 million credit card holders in 2008 some 28 percent of polls respondents reported that they do not have a credit card which was more than a 10 percent jump from people who reported having no credit card in 2009 (source: scientificpollforcreditcards. com) conducted February 5, 2010 only 17 percent of people carry a prepaid credit card. Your credit is really important so if you cant control spending its wise for you to have a credit card in my opinion use a prepaid card that way you spend what you have and no more.

Credit Card Essay Essay Example

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