Crime and Geography

9 September 2016

Crime mapping is how we detect areas with crime. In Crime Mapping, it focuses on identifying places or areas where crime is high or low. Mapping crime is helpful as police can track down which areas in a city, town or country has high risk of crime. When a crime has been committed, the crime will be plotted on a map with information like when the crime was made, what offence was made and who the offender was. Currently, Crime mapping has been used actively in most countries.

As Crime mapping helps identify places or areas where crime is high or low, police can monitor areas where crime is high to protect the people around the area. Police can use the data from the map to find the person that committed the crime. WHAT IS CRIME Crime is an action that breaks the law or illegal. Crime is related to Geography in many different ways because geography can help to see where crimes are most likely to be committed, to combat crime and to help areas where crime is high to prevent it. When a crime happens, it has information like where and what time it happened, who did it, and a reason.

If a crime is defined in society but not in law, then it won’t be a crime. If you were caught for committing a crime, you will be either charged for it or either go to the jail for a certain period of time. After being released from prison or charge, you may lose some of your rights in society for example not being able to vote in some countries. DIFFERENT KINDS OF CRIMES There are many different forms or kinds of crimes in the world. In just 2012 alone, there has been 3,700,349 crimes in the UK as stated in the statistics provided by the Office of National Statistics.

That number may be big, but it is not completely reliable as not every crime is reported or known to the police. As you know, there are many different kinds of crimes. When a crime has been reported, it will be classified in one of nine types of offence groups. The nine types of offence groups are: * Crime against the person (with / without injury) * Sexual Offences * Robbery * Burglary * Vehicle Offences * Other Theft * Fraud or Forgery * Criminal Damage * Drug Offences * Other EFFECTS OF CRIME When a crime has been committed, it can affect a lot of people.

It can first of course, affect the victim. The victim can be traumatized by what has happened and it goes on to their families and friends. Although the list may seem to end, but it still goes on. Other people may be also affected, like the area where the crime happened. People may be afraid to go out of their houses, it also makes that area’s density go down, as people may move out or run away. The families of the offenders may be affected where people will be afraid to be around them or they will be embarrassed by what has happened.

Crime is just not affected by the offender and the victim. It can affect many people. Crime can affect you too. For example, if a crime happens in an area near you, you may be worried. PREVENTING CRIME Although crime is everywhere, crime can be prevented in many different ways. We can protect our own properties. As criminals do not like to have a hard time committing crimes, we can add in fences, locks or alarms to prevent crime. In some communities, they have security guards to protect their communities, which helps prevent crime. We can also design areas to prevent crime.

You can design a layout so that the houses around that area can spot suspicious behavior or activity more easily. The more open areas there is, the less crime will be performed in that area as criminals also perform crime in quiet areas. MY THOUGHTS I believe that crime happens everywhere at any point of time, but we can also prevent or even stop it if we work together. If the government take serious action on crime, then crime can also be stopped. If they do not care about crime that much, criminals are most likely to commit crimes.

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