Crime and Rival Gang Member

10 October 2016

The Outsiders tells a story about two kids named Johnny and Ponyboy who are in a gang called the Greasers. They live in a wrong doing world of gangs and fights. After Johnny protects Ponyboy by killing a rival gang member named Bob, the two boys run away. A young criminal named Dally helps them escape. After an incident with a burning church Johnny dies and Dally dies soon after because of the sorrow Johnny’s death caused him. In the novel The Outsiders, S.

E Hinton demonstrates that violence can lead to nothing more than emotional hardships, crime, and death. The smallest act of crime can often lead to inner adversity. For instance, Johnny’s parents would beat him and left him feeling safer in a gang or in a parking lot. Due to the parents hurting Johnny he was forced to live a life in a gang, a life of crime, and violence. Johnny felt as if no cared and that even if he lived in a gang his parents wouldn’t do anything. Another example is when Darry hits Ponyboy for being late home and Ponyboy runs away.

Darry “wheeled around and slapped (Ponyboy) so hard that it knocked (him) against the door,” that causes emotional tension that gets in the way of family. A small act of violence makes Ponyboy dash away from their home and create division between the two brothers. The final example is when Johnny dies and Ponyboy gets traumatized. The death of Johnny made Ponyboy so confused that he altered and denied reality. Ponyboy was significant on Ponyboy he wasn’t in the right mind for a while. Crime is frequently the result of an act of violence.

The felony of Bob trying to kill Pony boy left Johnny having to kill him. ‘They put you in the electric chair for killing people,’ and it is only because violence was committed. The crime of Bob trying to kill Ponyboy resulted in his death. The gangs fought and did many illegal things that made them always on the look out for cops. Just because people may not like each other doesn’t mean crime need s to be committed. Most of the time crime is involved people get hurt. Lastly Dally robbed a grocery store and the cops ended up firing their weapons at him.

When a misdeed happens it is either caused by violence or started with violence whether it’s the police or a gang. The felony Dally committed soon after cost him his life. One of the most cruel and harsh effects of felony is the consequence of death. One example is that Johnny gets beaten up by Socs and the next time they try and harm him he kills Bob. The fear that the Socs would hurt him resorted to Johnny killing Bob. A kid with a pocketknife who is scared to get hurt can lead to a devastation effect.

Secondly is when Johnny dies in the fire. The murder of Bob made Johnny run away and directed him into feeling like he had to risk his life to save the kids in the church. Because Johnny was guilty with murder it sadly lead to his death. In the end of it all he died because of his act of violence to Bob. Lastly the message repeats itself when Dally dies out of sorrow of Johnny’s death. The death of one made Dally kill himself by pulling a gun on the cops. Johnny’s death was the cause and end of Dally’s.

Violence is an action that can only end in pain and misery. Violence in today’s society would lead to the collapse of a civilized world. As the world advances with protection and security, less hostility will be shown and the world will become a better place for future generations. With all the progress in technology we shall never expel violence itself. Although violence won’t be destroyed, it is up to us to suppress or reduce death and acts of violence. The world needs to try and stop the terrible action from ever happening again.

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