Crime Data

12 December 2017

Murder rates have dropped almost 40% Phoenix Alice have upgraded computer and equipped police cars with cameras and more effective laptops (Phoenix news May 24, 2010. 11:11 p.

M. MET). Arizona dealing with illegal aliens has also made for the decline in crime rates, changing the focus on protecting their borders. The FBI uniform Crime data only shows reported crimes, all murders are not reported and these reports are done voluntary by law enforcement agencies. Dallas crime down 10. 2 % from 2009, the 7th consecutive year crime reduction.With 148 murders in 2010, 10.

8 % reduction from 2009, 112 murders per ,OHO is the lowest rate in 53 years. Community partnerships have engaged in [Watch and public surveillance cameras in the community. Committed workforce approximately 600,000 calls for service and response time for emergency calls down 10%. The Dallas police have also increased sworn staffing to 3,690 officers as of October 1, 2010 (Dallas Police, 2010. ) The Mayor and council have come up with community mandatory programs, such as Convenience Store Ordinance, Crime Reduction Programs Ordinance.These programs train employees of convenience tortes and apartment complexes, safety procedures and ordinance to reduce crime. Police monitoring of training and report processing can ensure that with proper reporting of crimes and incidents the stores and apartment complexes obtain.

Properties keep a monthly report of any crime or incident and hold monthly meetings with law enforcement. Develop a crime reduction plan, and If numbers escalate In Incidents the owners will be notified and changes will be mandatory. If It means evicting tenants or not allowing certain person In or around the store.Phoenix possessing a higher population and lower crime rate than Dallas by some 307,000 people. Some suggest that the focus Is on Illegal Immigration. Dallas has the highest violent crimes rates, In the nation, a person have a chance on becoming a volt Is one In seven. Variables to how reporting Is done In both cycles, effects how statistical numbers are collected.

Departments In Texas follow Texas Penal Code not federal CUR guidelines, when classifying assaults for statistical reporting to authorities (Steve Thompson, 2010).

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