Crime in Great Britain

4 April 2015
A look at past, present and future position of crime in Great Britain.

A research journal about the past and present aspects of rising crime rates in Britain. The author examines past crime statistics and cause of crime, as well as present increases in crime rates and how this can be changed to secure the future.
From the paper:

“There are aspects of the past, of the present, and aspect of the hopeful future that have influenced this thought. The past defines what crime is and how it affects people, what causes crime and criminals, how much crimes have changed, and why there are crimes. The present shows the rise in crime, current attitudes towards the crime rates, and what is currently being done to bring the rates down. Lastly, the look towards the future will encompass how the system will change to lower these rates, how rates are expected to change, how the public’s attitude will change on how to lower the rates, as well as a note not to become too caught up in the solving of the problem.”

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