Crime Prevention

4 April 2015
An analysis of the causes of crime and their implication for crime prevention and treatment.

This paper focuses on the several causes of crime and how governments and other law enforcement institutions can effectively deal with the problem to make the environment safe and secure for the members of the society. It separately discusses several major causes and gives some suggestions to resolve the issue of prevalence of crime and insecurity in the society. The writer shares his opinion that the major causes of crime are unstable economic conditions prevailing in the country, lack of education or poor educational system, corruption in the policing system and other law and order institutions.
“I am very thankful to you for giving me opportunities to share my views with you at this occasion. I will like to discuss the issue of causes of crime, which has been a debatable issue among the social scientists and criminologists. I will focus on my personal opinions about the major factors that lead to an increase in crimes in a society. In addition to this, I will also discuss as to what other researchers and experts have found.”
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