Crime rate

7 July 2016

Nowadays, it is clear that the crime rate is increasing in our country. More and more crimes have happened for a long time. People are feeling unsecured with the crime situation and the fear of being a victim to keep increasing. The government has been taken some action to overcome these problems. However, it is not enough to reduce all incidences of crime.

There are several steps or measures which can be taken to reduce the crime rate in Malaysia. First of all, it has to enact laws which impose stiffer penalties on criminals. It means that the government should reorganize, rearrange and investigate it properly. For example, the case of kidnappings and assaults should be extending the penalty of criminals. Apart from that, residents should set up neighborhood watch schemes around their housing area. Each house needs to have one person to guarded at night.

Crime rate Essay Example

They have a responsibility to go around the housing area. It can be two people are guarded for a night which a scheme can cover a single street, an apartment complex, a part or the whole of a housing estate. Last but not least, policemen should patrol the residential areas frequently. Policemen should set their booth around the residential areas. For instance, it has a few policemen guard at their booth and some of them should walk around there. In a nutshell, it is difficult to solve these problems in a short duration. The cooperation of all people is necessary in order to prevent personal safety. In my view, all of the above steps or measures will be effectively. Therefore, we will have safe and comfortable life.

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