Criminal Justice Trait Theory

A study of trait theories as applied to the criminal justice system.

This paper considers two different models of trait theories ” biosocial and biosocial/psychological ” within the context of the field of criminal justice. It describes the attempt to isolate what it is that defines human nature and human personality, in terms of what is the effect of environment and what is purely genetic in a personality. The author shows how these psychological concepts are applied to criminal rehabilitation therapy.
“One of the ways in which researchers have tried to answer this question is that they have attempted to isolate what it is that defines human nature and human personality. In other words, they have sought to isolate the different traits that together make up the personality. Although this approach is certainly subject to various criticisms ” perhaps the most important of these being that personality traits are not consistently manifested over time ” the trait model has remained useful in some arenas for helping people to understand human personality.

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