Crimson ll by Edge of Sanity

10 October 2019

The second part of the epic Crimson story. Dan Swano is now more of a soloist on this album considering that he does just about everything on this album with a little help on the vocals. If you haven’t checked out NY review for the previous Crimson album, I suggest you do, though you may have to scrounge around a little bit to find it. Anyways, this was more made in the spirit of his solo project with his name slapped on it. The album was named Moontower I believe.
In this story, we begin with the witch, I mean queen escaping the crimson chamber. Then it’s mostly some deja Vu from there with may a couple different paths this time around and different strategies too. So then the protagonist puts a spell on the crimson chamber before he sets the queen back inside, so that she will never ever leave or break free again. Only left to rot inside this prison for however long she may live. We then return with what sounds like a fanfare back at the village and thus ends the Crimson story. As for the music its self, it’s easily more melodic than heavy the last time which is understandable because Moontower. It is also split into nine parts unlike the last one which wasn’t split into any that I could see. Some of the parts don’t really flow very well either making it almost seem like it’s actually multiple tracks instead of one which is kind of a letdown but then again, not every concept album is one track and not every concept album sounds like one song either. While the vocals do sound a bit more like traditional death metal, it does make the lyrics much harder to hear, though that’s one of the reasons why lyrics sheets and books exist in the first place. Lots of special guests are included in this album than just Mike Akerfeldt from Opeth, but one person they forgot was Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree who could’ve accompanied during the cleans in the album. To each there own I guess but I swear it would be cool. You might have also noticed the time going from 40 minutes to something like 43 which isn’t much of a difference when you think about it but you then realize the second part is longer and can take much longer than Crimson, but you just don’t want to stop until the end. And once it stops, you you hit the replay button over and over until you just don’t feel in the mood anymore. Very similar feeling to the clean track in Watain`s The Wild Hunt. Also there are some Easter Eggs and riffs reminiscent to Crimson which I find cool, it’s like Dream Theater took a page out of that this album and used that for their Twelve Step Suite tracks. It adds a sense of true connection between both parts and it’s pure genius.
I give this album a 9/10 for the number of cons that are present, but also the number of pros that height it out. Progressive metal for life everyone. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off

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