Within these issues many UN members have increased their support through Intervening with the civil conflicts for humanitarian reason, so they are able to assist the humanitarian reasons. Such as providing more help towards the famine victims and stop the widespread violence against the native eople with the nation. There was a program in the 1960s to help with this issue which was called the united Nations Operation In the Congo (UNOC) even though the united Nations in the past usually doesnt try to get themselves involved with these types of crisis they chose to risk it so they could help mediate this crisis.

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Country ‘Of3 To help solve this issue on October 19 South African President Mandela had a meeting in Museveni in Pretoria to discussed the Congo Crisis. Since we are a neighbor near the Congo we are trying everything we can to help the people within he nation. In the year 2002 there were peace negotiations were re-launched and in that same year all the Congolese belligerents, civil society, and unarmed opposition movements singed an agreement in South Africa. For our issue of immigration we have a total of 16% of people moving from Congo to South Africa.

We are trying everything we can to help the people of Congo with their issue. We are not saying no to anyone who is coming into our borders but at the same time we are trying to find a way to protect the people of not only our country but as well the nation of Congo. We re providing troops of military towards this issue to make sure the people are safe and sound now. As well we are on committee along with other nations to make sure that both parties are staying to what they are agreeing towards in the agreement that they are in the process of signing.

If we keep on letting more and more people come into our nation we Congo wont be the only one that will have a crisis around here. Since we are letting so many people come in we may start

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having issues their since they are taking away from what true native of South Africa deserve to have now. But ince our involvement in this crisis we have been able to help mediate talks and help the people of the nation become more unified and that has gone to the people actually being able to reformat their own type of government that they want to have now.

Another issue we are dealing with is the number of refuges that are coming into our country. We have a total amount of 33,000 people Just coming from Congo every year and those who are immigrating is 7,818. We have all means to continue helping these people and we are going to, but we are still trying to look towards the future for ur own people now, so we cannot go through anything that will upset the balance of power in things now.

Solutions: As South Africa we believe that every live is precious and that if a country is able to then they should be able to contribute everything and anything they can to protect the people. Since we are a huge time contributor to housing refuges we feel that we can do even more to protect the people. The usage of peacekeepers could really help not only the people but it would give them a sense that everything would be okay if there is someone their trying to make everything better for them. When trying to reason with the rebels we must remember they are always after something.

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