Critical Analysis Essay Topics List: Best Ideas for 2018

If you are struggling with choosing a topic for your critical essay, then you are on the right page! This article is aimed at providing you with the best ideas for critical analysis essay topics.

What Is a Critical Analysis Essay?

A critical essay is the kind of essay where the author analyzes the content of a book, movie, article etc. The main word here is “critical”. It describes both positive and negative attitude towards the main issue of an essay. In critical essay one should: • Summarize. Provide readers with short information about the main idea of the issue discussed. You should clarify the author’s views to make sure that people, who are reading your paper, are well informed about the topic of your essay. • Evaluate. Now you want to tell if a discussed issue has good or bad influence. (By the way, you can also state that the effects are both positive and negative). If you are analyzing a movie, you can write, for example, about how well the main moral is conveyed to the viewers, or how convincing are the actors. • Write about own attitude to the fact. In the conclusion of critical analysis essay, you should tell your readers about your own feelings towards a topic discussed. Having evaluated all facts in the previous paragraph, you have got your own opinion based on the empirical material. Now, it is time to share it with your readers!

How to Choose an Interesting Critical Analysis Essay Topic?

The main step to a good critical analysis essay is to choose the topic properly. We suggest you to write about an issue that you find extremely interesting. Only in this way, you will have no difficulties during the writing process, and it will fly with pleasure. Try to think of a book, movie, article or performance, which affected your mind and ideas widely. Your essay will be emotional and attract your reader a lot.

A List of Critical Analysis Essay Topics for College Students

A List of Topics on Sports

1. The use of illegal enhancements by sports athletes as a problem in the contemporary sports world. 2. Is it important to engage children in sports activities from the young age? 3. Racism and sport. 4. Can sport be dangerous? When and why? 5. Which sport is the most popular in your college? 6. What kind of sports would you recommend and why? 7. Do you think that sportsmen should be paid a high salary? 8. Which kind of sports is paid the best? Provide your opinion why it is so. 9. What kind of sports activities you would never recommend anyone and why? 10. Should we know the names of all prominent sports athletes and why?

A List of Topics on Technology

1. The presence of technology in kids’ development. 2. Can Internet replace real-life communication? 3. Does technology make our life easier? 4. Are people in the 21st century addicted to technologies? 5. How would life without Internet look like? 6. Are smart houses the part of 21st-century reality, or are we still far away from these projects? 7. The dependence of the contemporary world on technology. 8. What is the next biggest leap in technology? 9. Would you like to spend a year on the island without any technologies? 10. Can you survive without Internet?

A List of Topics on Economics

1. Corruption as a problem of developing countries. 2. The perspectives of crypto-currency. 3. The place of transnational corporations in the contemporary world economy. 4. Globalization and its impact on world economics. 5. Unemployment as a problem of contemporary economics. 6. Poverty. 7. Trade unions and their advantages. 8. Should people use one currency all over the world? What are the perspectives on this? 9. The impact of economic issues on international relations of countries. 10. Major threats to an economics of big countries in 21st century.

A List of Topics on Religion

1. The impact of religion on politics. 2. Agnosticism in the 21st century. 3. Is the world moving towards atheism? 4. Can religion be a reason for war? 5. Should pupils be taught religion at schools? 6. Is it so important to marry a person with the same religion? 7. Can religion be dangerous and when? 8. Why do people need religion? 9. Is it necessary to follow some religion in the contemporary world? 10. Is it possible to have one religion for the whole world community?

A List of Topics on Culture

1. Racial intolerance. 2. Xenophobia. 3. Why is it important for society to maintain cultural identity? 4. How do you understand a term “culture” and what does it mean to you? 5. What are the attitudes towards same-sex marriages in different cultures? 6. LGTB movements. 7. Multicultural families. 8. Cross-cultural communication. 9. The role of woman in different cultures. 10. The influence of American culture in the contemporary world.

A List of Topics on History

1. Why is it important to know the history of your country? 2. Can we trust all historical books? 3. Malcolm X and his attribution. 4. Great Wall of China. 5. Femicide in Mexico. 6. Decolonization of Africa. 7. Cuban Missile Crisis. 8. Roman Empire. 9. American first presidents. 10. Statue of Liberty.

A List of Topics on Literature

1. Is modern literature poor? 2. Which book would you never recommend and why? 3. Do you find it important to read ancient literature pieces? 4. Describe and analyze the main character of the chosen book. 5. How would you end the story being on author’s place? 6. Describe and analyze love line in the chosen book. 7. Tell about the main moral of the chosen book and how well it is conveyed to readers. 8. Tell about the climax of the chosen book and analyze how it changed the plot. 9. Analyze the influence of this book on your life. 10. The usage of symbols.

A List of Topics in Movies and TV

1. Movies vs. Books in the 21st century. 2. Which movie would you never recommend? 3. Take a movie with a plot from a book and analyze how good the film conveys the idea of the literature piece. 4. What movie can you watch over and over again and why? 5. What movie do you consider a masterpiece of the 20th century? 6. Imagine yourself a director. What will your movie be about? 7. Do you consider watching TV shows a waste of time or does it contribute to one’s development? 8. Do you think it is good for children to spend a lot of time in front of TV screen? 9. TV vs. Internet in the 21s century. 10. What is your attitude towards horror movies? What is the reason for producing and watching them?

A List of Topics on Crime

1. Why are crime rates so high in particular countries? (Mexico, Peru etc) 2. Why do people who have fortunes commit crimes? 3. Femicide. 4. Is it moral to exercise death penalty? 5. Can jail change a person or one will always have crime intentions after being released? 6. What are the major crimes in your country? 7. Which countries are the safest in the world? 8. Life in Prison vs. Death Penalty. 9. Bullying as one of the major threats in the 21st century. 10. The most prominent criminals in world history.

A List of Topics on Environment

1. Major threats to our planet nowadays. 2. How effective is the engagement of famous people in spreading pro-environmental ideas? 3. Describe and analyze what is the major environmental threat to your particular city. 4. Pick up a speech on global warming, voiced by a prominent person, and agree or disagree with his/her arguments. 5. Alternative energy sources. 6. Green policy. 7. Does global warming exist? 8. The rhetoric of prominent politicians on global warming issues. 9. Is it possible to reduce the level of environmental problems in the contemporary world? If yes, then how? 10. Green parties in politics and their effectiveness.

Critical Analysis Essay Examples

Examples of critical analysis essays are very similar. We strongly advise you to look through a couple of papers only when you are struggling with ideas for your essay. Never copy them because the plagiarism is unacceptable in an academic environment. Try to do your best and develop some unique thoughts that will be graded with the highest mark! Good luck!

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