In this excerpt Gilbert tells a number of places and situations that she shared with his sister to show us as each has a different way of seeing the world and to live it. Since the beginning of the excerpt the author give us the spatial place about where she plan to run the story when Gilbert says his sister arrived in Rome a few days later (398). It is organized by mixing a bit of narrative and spatial. Gilbert tells her story in first person and could be a memoir of her life. he author revels the tone and style of the piece and also introduce a motif when says: “(her sister)…Helped nudge my attention away from lingering sadness over David and bring me back up to speed” (399). She makes a clear description of the characters that will frame the story and his relationship with them. One character is his sister Catherine and the author makes a clear description of her and her character when she says “My sister does everything fast, and energy twists up around her in miniature cyclones” (399).

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She also defined his relationship with her since childhood as mighty and domineering (399), but over the years and because of his divorce their relationship becomes more confident. With all these details, we can say that the piece has a well-defined and structured beginning. In the middle we have the plot that is the arrival of her sister to Rome and how differently she and her sister are developed and also how different is the way how their observe the environment in that city and in their lives.

Catherine arrives in Rome with vast knowledge of the geographical and historical city(400). The author describes it when she tell us “This is Rome, Cathering-style. Full of facts and dates and architecture that I do not see because my mind does not work in that way”(400). Gilbert does not knows the map of the city were she live even she describes herself as “I am the one who spent my first weeks in Rome wandering about, 90 percent lost and 100 percent happy, seeing everything around me as an unexplainable beautiful mystery” (400).

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