Critical Argument Analysis Essay

8 August 2016

Self-preservation is said to be the reasoning behind the emotion of fear, in fact most fears our commonly shared among large groups of people. For instance the two most common phobias are; Arachnophobia the fear of spiders and Ophidiophobia the fear of snakes shared among most people in the United States today. The three level of fear are Internal, External and Subconscious, each level identifies with a certain situation that would bring that fear type reaction out of a person.

Internal fear is conviction within you, external fear is something you would on all accounts avoid and subconscious fear is the act of your subconscious mind protecting you from an action it believes you should refrain from participating. I would safely say it is a natural part of living to have a fear of something, one would say it is human nature. Frank Furedi; States in “The Fear Market” that fear is no longer a simply emotion or a response to the perception of threat. But has turned into a cultural idiom, he continues on by stated that this idiom is some type of sense of unease about our place in the world.

Society today using fear as a marketing tool; such as purchasing a home, you want the best home in the best neighborhood, which is usually associated with the safest neighbors hood with best school for your children. But we can reflect on the “Sandy Hook” tragedy that our perception of safety may be un earthed by things that are most unexpected. Especially in country was freedom; freedom of speech, freedom of will is used to justify action of people that might night always be ethical. For example the “Treyon Martin” story George Zimmerman has the freedom to bear arms and the protection of a stand your group law.

To protect him from any type of responsibility for the death of that young man. Fear was the driving point of the situation; Zimmerman’s fear of what society has train him subconsciously to be fearful of a un armed black man. The Irony is that Martin was most likely just as or evens more of fearful of Zimmerman. Fear has lost its relationship experience “Frank Furedi” makes this point giving us an ideological view of the history of fear steaming through cultures and societies. “Terrorist” a person who terrorizes or frightens others, meaning by Dictionary. com. David G. Myers “Do We Fear the Right Things?

” Ask the question “Why do we fear terrorism? More than most things that kills more people worldwide than terrorism did in a decade. People come addicts of safety and sometimes overlook the most common threats like car accidents, cancer, heart disease etc. there is a type of propaganda associated with the thought of mass fear within a society of people hold on to safety and would pay anything to live in the safe bubble of security they have so called created for themselves. David G Myers; “Do We Fear the Right Things? states the united stated was prepared to spend $ 100 billion a year on homeland security.

He went on to say that our society is understandably being terrorized by terrorism. His argument in this essay is will if you do not agree with his point definitely pose doubt on your believe of fear being mediatized. Fearlessness is structured from pushing color lines, living beyond stereotypes; not being afraid of failure and walking side by side with fear. Maury P. McCrillis in “Why Eminem Is Important” refers to the rapper to have being able to straddle the separates good taste from bad. Eminem push the lines of ethical and moral structures of a society the has built its reputation on being free enough to stay within the fear lines set.

Hip Hop Artistry has set a precedent for youth of that live in this thrive in culture to push that fear line more often. Going against many ethical roots put in place by the conservative mind set of the past, Hip Hop allow freedom of speech to go from the whisper in the crowd to the voice on the louder speaker heard around the world. Fear; fearful people feel that hip-hop has ruined a generation. Fearless know that not only did Hip Hop created a new platform from some that otherwise would have never had chance , but it has also in forced a much need change on fearful society indeed of freedom.

Fear impact majority of our life styles, rather we will admit to it or not. I enables us to want security in all areas of our lives, it could be just feeling safe at home with the latest high-tech home security system you can buy, or you feel that you moral teaching will be securely kept by your children approach the real world. Security in job, safely being able to underperform but protected by a union. Fear drives home most of the things we are taught to not be afraid of as child, which we go into adult fearfully of those very things.

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