Critical design thinking for analyzing the design principles of a movie. Introduction I have chosen to analyses the animation film Despicable Me (2010, Pierre Coffin, Chris Remand, universal Pictures, Illumination Entertainment). I really wanted to use an animated movie for this analysis because this Is the most plausible direction I see my future headed towards. I intend to utilizes design for perception to analyses some of the key design principles used in this movie to obtain a more in-depth understanding of the “making of’ animated movies. Purpose

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My Intent of this analysis Is to gain a better understanding of how design principles are used n animated movies. Since nothing In an animation movie Is technically “real”, there is, in theory, no way to invoke the same emotions trot audience as you would through a “live action” movie. In a “live action” movie, it is not uncommon to have actors improvising in various scenes, but the same cannot be executed within the processes of an animated film In this essay, I aim to approach the methods of obtaining the same emotions invoked from an “live action” film in an animated film room an analytical point of view.

Questions How do they use the design principles to express emotions and feelings into the animated characters? How effective is the use of design principles in an animation movie? Information As with any other movie, design principles are used to deliver a key expressive, given whether it is a certain camera angle, a color used in a scene, the voicing of a character, and so on. Everything you see in a movie has been designed with a purpose and it is a way of sending a message to the audience.

To highlight as many eye design principles as possible, it is essential that I gather the right information, perform a thorough analysis and of course, question the integrity of my decisions to ensure minimal bias. Interpretations & Inferences My Interpretation of the design principles must be accurate and hold as little bias as possible. I’ll have to go through my inferences in athorough manner. I will be able to obtain a more accurate and fair result of my analysis this way. The centre of my study will revolve around the design for perception template and serve as my skeletal reference.

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Universal Design Principles are by and large utilizes s guides that addvalue to a film’s narrative, and are hence reliable as theoretical reference points. Priming, Face-ism ratios, color, alignment, consistency and so on are crucial in influencing an audience’s perception and reception of a film. Assumptions The key assumptions made regarding my explorations of Despicable Me are that numerous design principles hold the potential for more in-depth study and inspection. No one shot is meant for one design principle and vice versa, giving rise to various opportunities for debate on possible alternatives for said shot, and other shots alike.

Interpretations of the design principles noted in this film are subjective as they are personal derivatives, and I will endeavourer to keep them unbiased and fair. Implications & Consequences Through studying the design principles of Despicable Me, I will be able to take what I have learnt from this individualized experience and apply it to other films that I come across. This will greatly aid me in the planning of my future projects, and by keeping in line with the intellectual standards such as clarity, breadth, depth (ETC), I will be able to better ensure an unbiased approach to my learning.

Point of View Great storytelling depends on the successful execution of good design principles in a film. From this experience, I will better understand how an audience reacts to events, situations, characters, their motives as well as their emotions, and in turn, how a well designed shot can greatly invoke emotional reactions from an audience and strengthen how much emotional value a scene has. Despicable Me Me and my biases Gender: Age: National Identity: Ethnic Group: Religion: General Philosophy of Life: Political Leanings: Favorite Film genre: Favorite TV genre: Your biases

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