Critical path

8 August 2016

Two functional areas of Ritz-Carlton and evaluation of their interrelationship between the different processes and functions Structure of Ritz Carlton The Ritz-Carlton is an international luxury company. It is a complex system within 80 properties worldwide and using 17 languages. To take most advantages in coordination, communication and focus on the tasks, Ritz-Carlton applies geographic structure in their business. Figure 1: Ritz-Carlton’s geographic structure It is easy to manage and control business in different areas by geographic structure.

Ritz Carlton divides their structure into areas: USA & Canada; Europe; Asia-Pacific; Middle East & Africa; and Mexico, Caribbean & Latin America. Because of different religions, cultural, hobbies, needs and demands,… the manager of each areas take responsible for controlling. All areas have offices such as Production, Human resources, Marketing and Finance Departments with special functions. Culture of Ritz-Carlton The Ritz-Carlton Hotel is luxurious, elegant and formal. With motto “We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen”, Ritz-Carlton’s culture is person culture.

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Ritz Carlton pursues their vision of making Marriott the #1 hospitality company in the world, they never lose sight of their founding principles and their proud heritage. Managers exist only with the consent of those managed. The culture main focus on luxury, comfort, style, hospitality and the cuisine, in order to meet the objective of company is to give its customers a service like kings and queens. Employees of this organization are trained in very precise standards and specification for treating customers.

While service is declining in other industries, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L. L. C. has continued to increase it’s business and offer its guests unparalleled levels of customer service,” said Ms. Oreck (n. d) – Vice President of The Leadership Center for The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L. L. C. “This can only be done through highly trained and motivated employees who act from a personal commitment to achieving the company’s goals and values. ” All employees of The Ritz-Carlton are empowered to make a difference. It has nine-step quality improvement teams

to guest surveys, The Ritz-Carlton employees examine every process in the hotel to ensure the most efficient, and customer-service driven practice is in place. Choosing an appropriate structure is really important because structure significant affect organization’s business. Two functional areas in Ritz Carlton Production Department plays an important role in Ritz Carlton’s business. Product of this organization includes Spa, Meetings & Weddings, Shops, and Residences & Clubs. With geographic structure and person culture, Ritz Carlton brings a luxury service for customers.

The Ritz Carlton is a heritage brand. All services are luxury, high price, modern, comfortable, and special that only have in the line of Ritz Carlton’s products. Customer services Department which takes responsible for serving customers. In facts, there are three steps in customer service. The first step is “A warm and sincere greeting” which uses the guest’s name. The second step is “Anticipation and fulfillment of each guest’s needs”. Finally, “Fond farewell” gives a warm good-bye and use the guest’s name.

Relationship between Production Department and Customer Services Department As the figure above, there is a link between Production Department and Customer Services Department. The luxury products (Spa, Meetings& Weddings, Shops, and Residences & Clubs) of The Ritz Carlton are reflected by serving customers. With the motto “Ladies and Gentlemen serve Ladies and Gentlemen”, it divided into three steps of Customer Services (includes a warm and sincere greeting – Anticipation and fulfillment of each guest’s needs and – Fond farewell.

Ritz Carlton always focuses on customers such as their interests, hobbies or desires. For example, Mr. John come to Ritz Carlton Hotel and hires a luxury room in three days. At the first day, employees of this business have responsible for serving him as well as possible and learn for what he likes. If he likes folk songs, Ritz Carlton will bring some folk songs video for him as sooner. Mr. John will feel excited because of service attitude at The Ritz Carlton Hotel without saying anything. Overall, the geographic structure and person culture of The Ritz Carlton reflect the developing of their business.

Based on local area, this organization chooses the right way to control their business in order to bring best quality and benefit. 1. 2 The methodology to be used to map processes to Ritz-Carlton’s goals and objectives Mission and objectives of an organization effected their structure and culture. The Ritz Carlton is specialization about their mission, goals and objectives because of their geographic structure and person culture. This organization applies Total Quality Management on their business to bring benefits. To win more customers, Ritz Carlton gives goals and objectives and tries to achieve them.

For their structure, it is different between areas worldwide about needs and demands, tradition, interests, religions, hobbies or cultural so Ritz Carlton based on knowledge of each area to find out best suitable strategy to apply. About culture, Ritz Carlton always trusts their staffs so they empower for their staff to making decisions. Staffs at this organization feel encourage and working hard as well. Gold standards’ which is key product and service requirements of the travel consumer have been translated into Ritz-Carlton Gold Standards, which include a credo, motto, three steps of service.

One component of Gold Standards is Three steps of Service. Figure 2: The basic empowerment process of customer services At The Ritz Carlton, beside the luxury customer services, trust is a concept that is not only published in the management objectives, but is lived out through each and everyone that walks through the doors of the hotel. The company and its employees are going to take care of the customers in any way possible. For example, due to the friendly nature of most Americans, they are quick to use first names.

Although this may make those who are accustomed to a more formal social environment somewhat uncomfortable, it is the norm for American culture. Formal titles (Mr. , Ms. , Mrs. , Fr. , Sr. , Dr. , etc. ) are used together with the person’s family name and should be used if you are speaking with the elderly or people in authority. They may later ask you to use their first name. In contrast, with Asians, they prefer a formal communication with whom is not acquaintance. To meet these differences, Ritz Carlton trains their staff the suitable way to behave with customers in different areas. All customers are happy with Ritz Carlton’s Services.

The output of the process and the quality gateways The quality gateway is a quality control filter for all requirements. The basis the gateway is simple: no matter how or where a requirement originates, it has to get through the gate to become an accepted requirement. Today, people are spending a lot of money on services. And they do not care about how much to spend, as long as they receive value in exchange for the money. But in the business world, the value is not always commensurate with the price. Experience at the Ritz-Carlton is a real value for the customers as well as for travel partners.

The Ritz-Carlton spends a lot of money and time for training their employees as perfect as their quality gateway. Part of the Ritz-Carlton mystique is the Fulfillment of Unexpressed Wishes and Needs and they are very specific in how to accomplish that objective with the goal of developing such strong emotional engagement between the hotels’ staff and their guests that “a guest will not consider staying anywhere else, if they have an option”. Every day, employees of every department in every Ritz-Carlton hotels around the world gather for a 15-minute staff meeting known as the lineup that includes the sharing of “wow stories.

These are true stories of employee heroics that go above and beyond conventional customer service. Employees are “empowered to create unique, memorable and personal experiences by always being responsive to the expressed and unexpressed wishes and needs of our guests. ” That gives employees the freedom to significantly contribute to the overall objective of “creating guests for life”. Mr. Robert E. Watson (2012) – managing director of consulting firm Protravel International said that Ritz-Carlton experience was characterized by the value of the service.

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