Critical Response-Globish

9 September 2016

Cuthbert is the first teacher who teach Globish, so she has a lot of experience. Her view maybe more emphasis on the practical use of language. On the other hand, Jackson, who is linguist, he thinks that language is not only used in communication, but also used in many areas ,such as business and science. Jackson is correct about the fact that grammar adds meaning, clarity and precision to what we say and write, but in the English language we find a lot of grammar structures that don’t add meaning to ideas.

These unnecessary structures make English learning more difficult. So Cuthbert is correct when she states that basic grammar rules would be enough to communicate effectively. Maybe Jackson underestimates Globish’s 1500 word vocabulary by comparing it with a 4 years old child’s vocabulary, because we can’t assume that those are the same words which is used in same situations. Whereas in English there are too much words with the same meaning, it make English learners misunderstanding.

But Cuthert’s statement that 1500 words are enough for a language is also overestimated, because Globish would be used in many fields, such as business, science, politics and day-to-day situations, where such a small vocabulary would not be sufficient. It is not the fact that Globish is adequate for all situations. Jackson’s statement that language and culture cannot be separated because words carry cultural meaning is misleading. The reality is that the English culture is different in many Anglophone countries, which makes communication complex and causes misunderstanding.

Cuthert’s view that Globish not dependent on learning aspects of English culture in addition to the language is correct. Because without culture English become easy to learn, learners do not need to understand the history of a country. As Globish is a simplified form of English, it need less time and energy to learn. It is appealing to many English learners and companies. Jackson’s concern about Globish has little vocabulary should also be paid attention to.

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