Critical Review of a Research Paper

7 July 2018

In order to tackle the sample size amongst only School of Social Sciences, suggest that one degree program from each academic school to be selected for the research within the university.In this way, the demographic of the entire student population will be represented in a more complete manner with diversified student’s personalities.

However, the question in mind now is which stage of students to select? In order to maintain consistency in the study, I recommend selecting only one Stage across the board and not a mixture. Stage one students hardly know their peers in the course and stage three students will be busy communicating within either their consultancy project group or tutor-mentor on dissertation, thus not ideal.Stage two students on the other hand have certain level of knowing the people they always meet in lectures and also have a good mix of individual and group work. Involving staffs and academics from the school into the study is important, as they will be able to lead discussions. Undergraduates are expecting more contact time, spoon-feeding and handholding from the lecturers because hey misunderstood education in university and paid more school fees (Greening, 2009).In order to find out how efficient Faceable can offer to HE, researchers should not expect student-led discussions occurring that often as they still require ‘facilitators’ assistance. This is a fact that is happening to the current generation of students as university studies are being perceived as a brought product with the high tuition fees and students, seeing themselves as the consumers, are demanding more from the academics (Jobbing and Ellipse, 2004).

Critical Review of a Research Paper Essay Example

Regardless whether the wall postings are reciprocated or reciprocated costively, I think it should be considered as a count for education related posting.

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