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2 February 2017

Chris Neary had struck a plea bargain with U. S. uthorities in July by admitting to crossing the border with a backpack with 50 kilograms of marijuana with four other smugglers. He was sentenced to eight months in prison for conspiracy to distribute marijuana in a Seattle court and also sentenced to two years of probation, which can be served in Canada. This case stury was mainly written for business students who are ready to dive into the real business-world and its intention was that graduating students should realize and expect what to come in the workforce in respect to ethical issues and thus make a decision for the greatest outcome.

Decisions spring from beliefs about what norms, values, and achievements are expected, and what the rewards and sanctions are for certain actions. Ethical dilemmas arise when norms and values are in conflict, and there are alternative courses of action available. This means that the decision maker must make a choice. The case study asked, “Why would a clever advertising executive engage in such a foolhardy plan? ” To respond to that question, a primary goal of a for-profit firm is to remain in business.It does this by providing goods and services that are required by society in an efficient and effective manner. The support for a business—and business in general—depends on the credibility that stakeholders place in corporate commitments, the company’s reputation, and the strength of its competitive advantage. Trust, in turn, depends on the values underlying corporate activities.

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To a large extent, the respect for stakeholder values and interests determines a corporation’s ethical standing and success.Consequently, corporate directors are expected to govern their company ethically, meaning they are to see that their executives, employees, and agents act ethically. As I stated in the introduction, the executives in the company have the responsibility to fulfill the stakeholders’ needs and interests. The reason why Chris Neary was engaged in such an illegal action was to keep the commitments as well as the company’s reputation. Moreover, he probably did not want to face a business failure since he had already achieved successful position in the industry.However, with that one decision he made, everything that he build was destroyed at a moment. Although, this case study has lack of information to fully understand the situation.

It would have been better if the author address more about Chris Neary’s profile such as if he had any previous convictions, and his reputation from friends, family, and co-workers. Furthermore, it would have been interesting if the author provided any precedent cases, result of it, and how serious is the problem of corporate involvement in drug-smuggling to generate cash flow for the firm.In conclusion, unlike many other business decisions that have clear decision making criteria, with ethical dilemmas there are no objective standards. Therefore, it is extremely complicated and could result in a huge controversy because everyone’s subjective moral codes and perceptions are different than others. However, when it comes to make a choice, business must adhere to the applicable laws and regulations as a bare minimum. This case illustrates how drug smugglers motivated by greed and a false sense of invincibility will carelessly risk them in hopes of turning a quick profit.The learning from this case is not just do not transport drugs over an international border, because everybody knows that anyway.

It is more to do with figuring out at what point in your life you are making bad decisions, figuring out at what point in your life you are being supported by the right people, and keep in mind that responsibilities of business are to be ethical and socially responsible because business operates within society and these are the other norms of society.

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