Critiques on Education

6 June 2017

This Doped Order has taken a bold step in synchronizing the scholastic activities and mandates with the very provision of the Philippine Constitution; making its programs not only valid but most of all constitutionally acceptable. By citing “In Toto” Art. Ill, sec. 5 of the Constitution, Doped had made a very prudent step in respecting he freedom of religion as mandated by the Constitution.

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Critiques on Education
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Singled out in this memorandum are the members of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, the only major Christian congregation recognized In the Philippines as Sabbath keeper, that despite their apparent country-wide presence being very unique in their Sabbath observance had practically reduced its followers, as in most cases its members in school-age bracket always comes in conflict with school enhancement programs whether academic or extra-curricular on the reason that heir attendance to secular actively Is strictly prohibited.

The current order of the Doped however would give equal footing to the Seventh-day Adventist students, teachers and other school employees with respect to grade credits, salary increase, promotion and the like. This Order has been In effect directed to the school personnel both teaching or otherwise who are respecting religious freedom as their acts of intolerance to the religious scruples of the Seventh-Day Adventist could amount into violation of the this Doped Order and the Philippine Constitution no less.

The chilling effect of this order both In public and private learning Institution under Doped would create an ambiance of educational atmosphere which could be transformed into the realization of the real democracy as enshrined in the very heart of the this country’s cardinal law.

As a student and also a public school teacher and also belonging to the Seventh- Day Adventist persuasion, I am not only in agreement but also very supportive of this long overdue Doped Order; the moment that the constitution has been changed and he case has reached the Supreme Court relating on this issue, Doped officials should have done this long time ago as a sign of their Constitutional awareness being people of the academe but, the grim reality always confronts us In this country, that unless there is an overwhelming complain or people have already died because of their rights which is apparently been trampled, our duly constituted public officers would never move a muscle on their own to prevent problem and ensure smooth flow In our country. This reactive rather than proactive attitude of our governmental heads Is not only annoying and destructive in the aspiration of the country to improve but worse yet, it is counter-productive and delimits the strides of the country’s development to this time our very own people sharing our blood and heritage are acting as our oppressors; with this recent development along the line of religious freedom and tolerance this country had made a bold statement to the whole world that Philippines is the capital of freedom in the world.

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