Croc Analysis

4 April 2017

What are Crocs’ core competencies? Crocs’ competencies are supply chain management and small-retailer level marketing, just in time distribution. Crocs has used its core competencies to build a brand familiarity and popularity and to distribute new models and accessories in mid-season. Their supply chain management has helped the company to create a stronger maturity map for their products, and to extend the maturity map through marketing. (Figrure 1. [write a brief description first]. Taken from the Crocs presentation) 2)How could Crocs exploit their core competencies in the future?

Consider the following alternatives: a. Further vertical integration into materials b. Growth by acquisition c. Growth by product extension In the future, Crocs could grow, both by acquisition and by product extension. For product extension, they should use the Japanese product development map what it is called don’t remember any more (this development tree map can be seen below). Focus on the IP (formula) and reuse it on other products [This is a fragment connect it to previous senetence or make it a sentence. I don’t understand what do you want to say by it].

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