Crocs Advertisement Analysis

10 October 2016

This is because Crocs™ is famous for the unique design and the bright-coloured products. The previous year, Crocs™ got into the hard session with a big loss because of the lowest sales record. Therefore, Crocs™ has launched a new advertising campaign “Feel the Love”. This advertising campaign “Feel the Love” sent their message to the consumer via television advertisement. The advertisement was published as below statement “an actress wearing black high-heel shoes enters an apartment building and wearily climbs a flight of stairs.

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As she opens the door to her unit, two small red animated characters based on the Crocs original clog model, with stubby arms and legs and blinking ventilation holes representing eyes, scamper toward her like puppies. The characters cling to her ankles and then, as she sits on the couch to read her mail, they remove her shoes, massage her feet, and then slip a new style of Crocs flats onto her feet. “Meet Croslite,” says a voiceover toward the end of the 30-second spot, by Cramer-Krasselt in Chicago, “the loyal, loving, good-for-you technology, in every pair of Crocs. (Newman 2010) Besides, Crocs™ also let this advertising campaign available in print material, online and outdoor advertisement. According to the advertisement, one woman step into her house, this represents the celebrity using to persuade the consumer as that actress wearing Crocs™ products. Besides, and the cute red animated characters is the Crocs™ clog model. This is the characters that represented Crocs™. Everyone will think of Crocs™ when see the clog model as well as it is really cute and attractive symbol. Furthermore, the clog models are in red colour, the red colour represented as passion for life.

This showed that Crocs™ having the passion for life. At last, the cute little clog models removed the woman’s high heel shoes and massage her legs. Upon that, the clog models massage the woman feet and put a new style of Crocs™ sandals to her feet. Finally a sweet voice with nice quotes ended up the advertisement. From here, we can see that Crocs™ is trying to give the sense of love to the consumer. As Crocs™ take care of the consumer feet and trying to give an expression that wearing Crocs™ sandals is a feel like easy and comfortable.

After wearing the high heel shoes for whole day work should have to enjoy the comfortable through Crocs™ sandals. The vice president of marketing department of Crocs™, Ken Chaplin said “Feel the Love” made sense on a number of levels, but first and foremost because of our proprietary Croslite technology—the soft, cushiony, foot-loving material in every pair of Crocs. This technology is what sets our shoes apart from any other in the casual footwear market. We make shoes that love you back, and people are passionate about our footwear because of this. ”

The message structure and presentation of Crocs™ advertisement is more to one-sided message. Crocs™ tell their target audience the good points and benefits about their products. Besides that, Crocs™ also framing their message by focusing the benefits gained by using the product. In brief, the theme of “Feel the Love” is the key point of this advertisement. Crocs™ has their own communication strategy. For example, the advertisement focuses on women consumer group. As footwear is low-involvement products, people do not search for a lot of information to decide whether buy or not to buy.

Therefore, Crocs™ follow the peripheral route to persuasion by emphasizing symbolic material such as the core product, scenery, music and celebrity. Based on the analysis above, we can conclude that Crocs™ has designed a very wonderful and suitable theme of campaign “Feel the Love” to represent the image of Crocs™ as well as match their slogan “walk in comfort wear in style”. The consumer mindset already get use to know Crocs™ producing comfortable footwear. Since in the footwear industry, they are available for so many footwear brands. Why do consumers need to choose Crocs™?

Through the advertisement of “Feel the Love”, Crocs™ successfully create a very positive image to portray Crocs™ sandals will give the consumer a sense of being home after tiring work. This is a very important key point for every consumer. This is due to the reason consumer wearing these uncomfortable but stylish shoes for works or any other occasion, they were so tiring and just want to back home and enjoy the peaceful moments. Therefore, Crocs™ has noticed the need of consumers and they launched a new advertising campaign to introduce several types of fashionable and comfy shoes.

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