Cross Cultural Communication

6 June 2017

Denise Bailey Based on the research of the three countries, South Africa, Brazil, and China, all three can utilize modern technology to Increase any business venture they so choose. With the language barrier, the Internet has allowed many people to view different language translators to help with basic communications to these countries. The ultimate thing to do is to learn the language and culture for any country in order to how respect for that culture.

Business communication Is relatively equal across the borders. How business Is handled will be different in each country. The Chinese handle their business with a very rigid and professional posture, Brazil handle their business with a more open communication policy, whereas South Africa has a very casual approach to handling their business. Technology can be a helpful tool with cross-cultural communications between America and all the other countries In the orld.

With video conferencing, many executives from around the world have the ability to talk to each other from their very own offices.

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Technology has eliminated the expense for traveling from country to country. One of the benefits from video conferencing Is that each country can have an Interpreter stand In with the meeting that is taking place in real-time. No need to wait for a translation of documents or waiting for the need to get a passport updated.

With the three countries of Brazil, China, and South Africa, the only difficulties that can arise from technology is the expense. China can clearly afford to buy the necessary resources to have the proper technology in their offices, but with Brazil and South Africa, the ability to purchase the resources needed to communicate outside of their offices can have its challenges. Other than expense, all three of these countries can properly conduct business from within their borders.

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