Introduction For this semester Introduction to Cross-cultural assignment, we have been given a task of introducing, promoting and marketing our local food to a foreign country. Our group consists of three individuals. We have been asked to choose two to three local food products and choose a country to promote the local foods that we have chosen. We will also do a video as a way of promoting our product to the community. Attached in this proposal are our group’s name and members, the product we are going to sell, the cost, the selling price, and our video presentation of our chosen products.

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We agreed on choosing the most famous among the locals in Saba which are, ‘Helena’ and thou’. Thou’ originated from the interior parts of Saba such as Tanana, Kenning’s and Ran, Meanwhile, ‘Hannah’ was popularized by the Kidnap Dust ethnic. We chose ‘Hannah’ and thou’ as our products to be exported because It has a lot of resemblance to the cuisine’s culture of the people of the country that we have chosen to export our local food product, which is, Spain. Part I Produces Background Information ‘Helena’ and thou’. Both of these local from originated from the Kidnap Dust ethnic in Saba.

The Saba traditional food is made from the various natural sources that can be found abundantly in Saba. Saba traditional foods are made from the seafood and plants that live and grow throughout Saba. These dishes are mainly pickled or preserved. This is mainly due to most Sabbath who prefer tangy foods especially the Kidnap Dust people. At the same time, it also dates back to the ancestors’ way of preserving foods as refrigerator are yet to be Invented, Nonetheless, the cuisines continue to remain synonymous to Saba’s unique cultural identity.

Thou’ Is one of the traditional cuisine or pickles. It Is best to be eaten with dishes and rice. For some people they don’t like the taste of thou’ because of it stringent and strong smells. Its scientific name is E. Cocaine. Thou’ is prepared by taking off the hard skin to revealthe soft flesh Inside. Then the flesh Is washed and diced. Put in a mortar and pound. But blender will do Just fine. Then, put the pounded thou’ in a bowl and add lime Juice, salt and red chilies.

Page 2 Cross-Cultural Management: Introducing Local Food Essay

Vinegar can be use to substitute the Lime juice and sometimesgarlic or red onion will be added too. Another local foods of the Cabanas and the Kidnap Dust people is the ‘Hannah’. Hannah is most probably the most well known traditional dish in Saba and a must have In any occasions. ‘Hannah’ is made of fresh raw mackerel fish. Which Is filleted and thinly sliced, mixed with sliced chili, ginger, diced red onions, salt and set with a few squirts of lime Juice. Sometimes, slices of raw bitter gourd are also added. Squid. Hannah’ can be found in most traditional Kidnap Dust restaurants, but of late, it has also been making its way to hotel buffet tables. ‘Hannah’ is best eaten with white rice or on its own as a salad dish and it is healthy. PART 2 Spain’s Culture Spain’s most common food is the tortilla De pat, or potato omelet, according to Fodder’s. Other gastronomical delicacies include seafood paella, chorizo sausage, gazpacho soup and taps. Locals also love to snack on taps in the evening while enjoying glasses of wine or sherry.

We decide to choose Spain as the main target of exporting our local food products because of their infamous love for spicy food and, exotic food. This can be clearly seen as Spain is one of the world’s main food exporter especially bell peppers, lappers, and other chilies. Other than that, Spain is also the world’s main producer and exporter of Tobacco hot sauce. One of Spain’s most famous local foods is the salsa. Even though it is mainly made of tomato puree, most Spanish prefer their salsa to have a little kick.

So, they would add splash of Tobacco sauce in their meals. As we all know it, Spain is a Mediterranean country and from our research we conclude that Spanish love to have Mediterranean salad to accompany their dishes which, in turn, is good as the “Hannah’ is considered as a salad and can be served as a side dish. In contrary, Spain is also the world’s main exporter of acidic or tangy fruits which is lemon. From our research in World Trade exports statistic, Spain’s main economy is supported by the export of mechanical parts, consumer goods and fruits and vegetables.

This is the reason why our thou’ product will be successful in Spain because thou’ is the best of both worlds as it is tangy and spicy at the same time. PART 3 Introducing, Promoting and Marketing Strategy Company’s Name Before venturing into any business, one should have a name, specifically, a brand to ease marketing strategy. As to begin, we decide to set up a company, namely, Keep It Real. This company will be running based on our partnership and using our own modals and bank loan. The name of this company is Keep It Real Company because our products are delicious and healthy for everyone, not Just kids.

Therefore, it makes me happy when I hear from customers with no particular dietary needs or concerns who Just really love my food. Company’s Logo Packaging As for the packaging, we would use a plastic container. These plastics container are recycled from the old plastic containers. This will not only be lowering the cost of reduces but rather recycling. For this purpose, we would have the ‘Go Green’ logo displayed on out container. Color The color of our packaging will be clear so that our target customer can see what we are trying to sell. They also can see what ingredients are used in making our products.

And, it would be easier to detect any unwanted materials or defects such as insects inside the container. Odor We would not be adding any artificial coloring or odor to out thou’ and ‘Hannah’ because we want to maintain its authentic flavor and odor. This is also because artificial flavoring and coloring can be unhealthy. From our online research, we knew that the people of Spain dislike adding artificial coloring because they prefer their foods to be healthy because adding chemicals to the foods can alter the taste and the natural nutrients in the foods.

Ingredients The basic ingredients of thou’ are thou’ (use only the soft flesh), Jalapeño, garlic and vinegar. We replaced the traditional ingredients of using bird-eye chili with jalapeño to suit with Spain’s culture. Meanwhile, the ingredients of making ‘Hannah’ are mackerel fish, ginger, shallot, bitter gourd, some cilantro, Jalapeño and most importantly, fresh lime Juice. The mackerel fish must first be turned into fillet and get rid of the bones. Again, we replaced the bird-eye chili with Jalapeño in making our ‘Hannah’ to Justify with the Spain’s culture and to sell our products.

The ingredients used are shown in pictures attached with this report. Weight/Portion Our products will be packaged in a plastic container of about mall of recycled jam plastic Jar. Promoting Strategy As for promoting purposes, we have planned on doing a short video of advertising our local food products to the people of Spain. Besides that, we developed a promotional strategy for the product. Marketing professionals must get a product out to the public through the various meaner available.

Promotional options include print campaigns, television spots and internet advertisements; promotional opportunities also include social networking sites, such as Faceable and Twitter, and text-based advertising for mobile phones. The promotional strategy should involve such elements as the audience that must be targeted with the advertising, as well as the amount that should be spent on the advertising and the amount of return expected from the advertising. Moreover, location should reflect the place where the product is manufactured, the place where it is stored and the place where it is distributed.

These elements play a significant role in the promoting strategy, because the the next and how much this is going to cost our company. Conclusion We think it’s a really exciting time to be involved in the world of food. You can’t read a newspaper these days without seeing a headline about food or nutrition, and farmers markets are actually in style! Everybody is starting to pay attention, and I think our world will be a better place because of it. We think you’ll like the food from Keep It Real Food Company as much as we do. PART 4 Appendices

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