Crossing The Mangrove

5 May 2016

During this week’s reading, Crossing the Mangrove by Maryse Conde I found it entertaining. Throughout this reading, we view the story from different people’s point of view. The different characters within the reading made it hard to keep them separate.

Crossing The Mangrove Essay Example

As the reader once I am brought to understand that each chapter would help comprehend the previous chapter and know how each individual looked at Francis Sancher I could appreciate the book in more details. The main point to me in this story is how everyone judged Francis based on his looks. No one exact a few people had anything nice to say about or to him.

The views of Francis impact the town as a whole because everyone assumes him to be upper class by his life style yet no one knows his story. The author believes that honesty is the main key in telling a story. In return people downgrade her novels because of the truth that was behind each story.

The story is portrayed around Francis Sancher wake in which many people attending never knew anything about him. In Crossing the Mangrove, everyone has their own story, opinion or emotion about Francis, in which some are positive and negative. Once Francis reaches the Caribbean he is automatically characterized as unworthy because no one knew anything about him. Moise (Mosquito) is believed to have relationship with Francis because the time that was spend together.

Everyone judged the relationship without ever speaking to either character. Talking to either character they will realized it is an honest relationship in Mosie helping Francis. As the story begins to unfold everything that Francis has done unto the people surfaces after his death. Mira and Vilma both impregnated by Franics is the cause of his death. Artistid’s which is Mira brother cries that his sister was raped. “I want you to lock up the Cuban for rape”(52). In reality the truth being both woman voluntarily shared the same bed with Francis.

Francis never went looking for the women they came as prostitutes looking for love the never received from their fathers. Vilma’s involvement with Francis is due to her the arranged marriages. Her father (Sylvester) had arranged a marriage. She refused to marry the man because she was not in love with him. In revenge she reached out to Francis and becomes impregnated so the marriage wouldn’t go forward. Mira’s story revolves around her mother dying. She felt lonely and never really connected with her father. “But from that moment on I didn’t want his love.”(33)

She continues to blame him for her mother’s death. Hungry for love she is willing to do whatever to receive the affections of a man. Dinah stepmother (mid-wife) marries her father and after a few weeks the happiness was gone. She is lonely and desperate feeling unworthy because her husband is having sex with other women instead of her. The hurt of rejection is rooted so deeply she begins to have an affair on her husband with Francis.

After, reading Crossing the Mangrove the stories of each individual character offers something new to the story. Expecting everyone to meet standards you have set is unfair. I believe each individual should be allowed a second opportunity.

The town was quick to pass judgment based on Francis looks and his silence instead of embracing him. I believe all the males being jealous of his lifestyle passed judgment instead seeking wisdom. I truly believe that in order to get respect you first have to give it. They should love and Francis might have openly disclosed his background.

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