Crucible Research

1 January 2018

During what is called the McCarthy era, a man Joe McCarthy] started a witch hunt for what he thought were Communist spies in the United States government to further his own career, his becomes known as the Red Scare. Events during this are, people being blacklisted as potential spies, the entertainment industry produces literature and movies that depict the USSR as the “Red menace”, and followers of McCarthy anti-Communist agenda encourage United States citizens to report their neighbors if they are acting suspicious.Many used this o get back at their bosses or other people they did not like. With this people were afraid to speak out against McCarthy and his ideals.

“l don’t like McCarthy and I don’t think I’d ordinarily vote for him, but if beaten, it would look like it’s a victory for Communism. ” -“Report on McCarthy and McCarthy,” The New York Times Magazine, November 2, 1952[1] Reactions to the accusations made by McCarthy were mostly based on the fear of communism taking hold in the united States like they saw in other countries like Czechoslovakia and China.The events that happened in Arthur Miller’s, The Crucible, is very similar. Citizens of Salem village were put in a state of fearing whether or not they were going to be accused of witchcraft and sentenced to death. This combined with a mob mentality became the Salem witch trials. Salem village was an English Puritan colony in Massachusetts. In around 1 692 the daughter and niece, of a Puritan minister named Paris, started to act strangely along with five other young girls.

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They were diagnosed with having been under the influence of an “Evil Hand”.The townsfolk became suspicious of a slave named Tuba, her with two other elderly women were arrested and accused of witchery. After this came a many accusations by some of the girls and the court started to process more and more people accused of witchery. Some of the punishments for being charged with witchery are being hanged or “pressed” to death by large stones. An explanation for this hysteria is that the girls were only doing it for the attention. Much of the Salem trials are somewhat mirrored in the “Red Scare” during the McCarthy era, like the “mob mentality’.A common symptom of the mob mentality is a fondness for “organizing’ and organizations.

[It should be acknowledged that the organizing spirit has its place in the defense Of freedom. This mentality can be used to accomplish more work than the individual alone, it can also enable profound discussions to be held, deepening each member’s insight into common Much of the contributions to the “Red Scare”, for example, would be the media and politicians warning against the “Red people accused of being pies for the communist, and the news of the spread and apparent success of communism in Europe and Asia.Fear and mob mentality do not mix and will cause people to go over the top causing unfortunate people to have a bad time. Themes like mentioned before-hand still exist. For example, the publics view on ‘terrorism’. Many have set stereotypes for what a ‘terrorist’ looks like, many would fear this image and something like a witch hunt happens and they become prejudice against those who fit their stereotype. Arabs and hose who appear like them with similar features, turbans and complexion is an example, are picked out and watched more than others.

Because of events and actions of one group would cause some to make blanket-assumptions of others who are innocent of their actions. The fear behind this is because of an event like 9-11 and bombings, they are afraid of it happening again and go to measures to prevent it in the future. Those who are uncomfortable should simply try to learn the way the people who they ‘fear think about them. A ear-based mentality is usually caused by misunderstanding or misinformation of the situation at hand.

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