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5 May 2017

With the emergence of MSC Cruises as a fourth major player which is likely to be placing regular orders from 010, though, that top three shares is not likely to grow significantly higher by 2015. While Allure Cruise Line is a small North American cruise line, and it currently has three ships in its fleet and is in the process to planning to add new ships and itineraries in the upcoming several years. What are the business statistics about these “players”? Asset size? Fleet size? Passenger volume? Crew to passenger ratios? Where are they located? Organizational structure?

The “major players” in North American cruise industry together they have more than 79% of all. Carnival is a public company, located in Miami, FL, and founded in 1974 with more than 10,000 employees. Carnival revenue in was about $12,000 (7%) in 2008. Earlier in 2008, it operated 85 cruise ships with 158,352 passenger capacities in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCC) is also located in Miami, FL, CA, founded in 1968 by Anders Wilhelmsen & Company shipping company. Currently, RCC has more than 8,500 employees expecting to have annual capacity of 850,000 for next year.

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RCC had a most successful 2008. Despite an 18% increase in capacity, net revenue yields emained in line with the high levels achieved in 2008 and occupancy increased by 20%. Star Cruise Group is the third largest cruise line in the world, Just behind Carnival and Royal companies, and dominates the Asian-Pacific market. Star Cruise Group was founded in 1993 with its company headquarters in Hong Kong. The Group a non-cash Euro denominated debit translation loss of $9. 5 million and forward contracts loss of $ 1 1. 3 million.

As a result of aforementioned factors, the Group recorded a net loss of $9. 0 million for the year ended in 31 of December in 2008, as ompared toa net loss of $12. 5 million in 2007. Allure Cruise Line was founded in 1993 and during this time has grow to develop a reputation for providing one of the highest quality cruise experiences available. Allure Cruise Line’s three ships have a passenger capacity of 2,500. Each ship has a crew of 1,000 of which 190 are officers on board. The crew represents 40 different countries and nationalities. What are the route structures? Where do they sail to?

Carnival has progressed, expanded, and grown into the largest cruise line in the world by carrying more cruise passengers han any other cruise line. The most popular routes form Carnival Company are: Florida to the Bahamas, Hawaii Cruise, New England from New York, Western Royal Caribbean Cruises now generally the routes take place in a certain area of the Caribbean, visiting the ports of call particular to that region. There are also routes just to one destination, such as Bermuda or the Bahamas, but routes in the Eastern and Southern still being the most interesting for the clients.

The Star Cruise Group is great company that offers over than 200 destinations in the world. They are the leading cruise line group offering routes in Asia-Pacific as: Kuala Lumpur and LangKawi Island (both cities in Malaysia), Phuket Island (Thailand), Singapore and Hong Kong. Currently, Allure Cruise Line’s ships sail out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and have several itineraries within the Caribbean from which passengers can choose, including destinations such San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Nassau, Bahamas. Where are these major players flagged? Where are their corporate offices? Where are their operating offices?

The two “major players” in American cruise industry (Carnival and Royal Caribbean Cruise) are flagged in Bahamas, while the Star Cruise Group is flagged in Malaysia. Carnival Company has a corporate office in Miami, FL, and the operating office is also located in Miami. Royal Caribbean Cruise has a corporate office in Miami, FL, and they have an operating office in Miami, as well in South America (Sao Paulo). Star Cruise Group has a corporate office in Hong Kong, and operating offices in many parts of the world as: Europe, United States, Dubai, Thailand, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Indonesia and India.

Allure Cruise Line is flagged in Liberia. Their corporate offices are in Miami, Florida, and their operating offices are in Fort Lauderdale. What are the plans for expansion for the major players? Carnival Cruise Lines announced a significant increase in capacity for Jacksonville’s cruise operations. Carnival is the only cruise operator to sail year-round from Jacksonville, and the Carnival Fascination represents a 38% increase in capacity over the Celebration. Royal Caribbean Cruises plans on expanding in South America, and to make it easier, they are opening a new office in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

While, in the Southeast Asia are ew cruise terminals being constructed. Star Cruise is investing multimillion dollars in Port Klang, Langkawi, and the construction of a world class Jetty at Bali. The Allure Cruise Line is in the process of planning to add new ships and itineraries in the upcoming several years. The organization is also planning the expansion of its business to the Mediterranean, adding two new ships its fleet within the next five years. Also, the organization is currently experiencing some morale issues among its crew and some cross-cultural challenges on board the existing ships.

These issues are beginning to have an impact on the service that is being provided to the passengers. What factors distinguish the major players from one another? The main lifeline of Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruise, and Star Cruise Line, which distinguishes them from other cruise lines, is the variety in cruise lengths, ranging from three to seventeen days, offered by it. Additionally, these ships have continuously evolved their itinerary. As part of their fleet, these companies have almost two dozen ships, chock a block with entertainment.

Most of them are quipped with magnificent pool areas, for adults and children separately (clubs, barber shops, beach parties, games and activities for children). Therefore, the strongest difference between those companies and Allure Cruise Line is that currently Allure has only three ships for as much as the others have dozen of ships, and they also have more routes to offer to the passenger. What is the shipboard organizational structure? What types of positions are on these cruise lines? For the most companies cruise line in the world the shipboard organizational structure is structured hierarchically.

The captain is the senior ranking officer on board. The staff captain is the second in command on board. The hotel director oversees all of the areas within the ship pertaining to the purser, or guest services. The chief engineer is in charge of all the operations pertaining to the ship’s infrastructure. What is the historical perspective of the cruise industry? Who were the first lines? What were they like? Is there any correlation with the cruise industry and other organizations? At the start in Allure Cruise Line there was a divided market: for the rich and poor. Today veryone is a VIP, but distinctions come in the packages they receive.

Of the end of the 1980s and beginning of the 1990s, the cruise industry took off, and there were many different cruise lines available to passengers. Allure’s first ship was ordered in 1990, which took two and a half years to build. Allure’s customer base has developed to about 60% repeat customers and 40% of new customers. What are the major “laws” that the cruise industries need to abide by? Are there any laws specific to operating in North America/the United States? The cruise industry’s “law’ is to ensure he safety and security of its passengers, crew and vessels.

The industry has an enviable record when it comes to security and safety. In 1995, the United States Coast Guard emphasized that record when stating that passenger vessels are among the safest mode of transportation. We find this statement to be true today due to our stringent security policies and procedures. The security regime with existing regulatory frameworks and liability risks, as vulnerability assessment, legal contingency plans, privacy and records management procedures, and crisis anagement plans are laws that the cruise industry need to be abide, and they are specific to operate in the United States.

What is the state of the cruise industry? Is it growing or shrinking? How does the world economy and political climate affect the cruise industry? How does this affect fleet deployment and route selection/ports of call? Clear that the cruise industrys economic impact in the Caribbean region is significant and continues to grow, proving that Caribbean is the “state” of the cruise industry. The cruise is growing, because even after the recent events, such as the

September 1 lth attacks in the United States and the crisis in the Middle East, Allure Cruise Line’s loyal customers traveling less frequently, the cruise market potential is strong, because over the next 3 years, over than 44 million North Americans indicate an intent to cruise. To date, approximately 15% of the population in United States target market has ever cruised. The cruise industry expands each year, to match the wants, needs and desires of the cruise passenger. With this evolving cruise passenger, the industry has proven to have the strong ability to adapt and change quickly throughout the years.

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