Csr in Telecommunication Industry

The telecommunication industries are now thinking seriously about maintaining CSR and making more strategic decisions about the issue for various reasons. But there are no specific ways to determine how much this CSR is helping the business. Is it a long run phenomenon or is contributes only a little to the long run profit of the businesses? There is no clear cut answer to this question. As a result the telecommunication companies are suffering from indecision on whether to perform CSR on a regular basis.

This project, therefore, will be helpful to make the telecommunication firms taking confident steps regarding CSR having a clear idea about the impact of it on the profitability. Research Problem There is no specific model for measuring the impact of CSR on Profitability in the telecommunication industry of Bangladesh Objectives and Goals: Broad Objective: • The broad objective of this research is to formulate a model that can measure the impact of CSR on profitability Specific Objective: To find out the factors that influences the companies to engage in CSR activities. • Find the relationship between the CSR and the profitability, which is, finding CSR as a variable of profitability function. • Find a standard measurement to measure the CSR involvement of different companies. • Find the reason for which different companies involve in different degree • What criteria does the telecommunication industry use when selecting different CSR activities • How do industries evaluate CSR activities Research Aim:

The aim of the research is to help the telecommunication companies to make accurate forecasts about their profitability and encourage them to perform more CSR activities as a result. This will also help the society as a whole. Literature Review: Technical Proposal: Proposed Methodology: Project Time Schedule: Benefits: Accurate Forecasting: The telecommunication companies will be able to accurately forecast their profits using our model which will make them more competitive in the future. Reduced prices: The accurate forecasting will efinitely enable the companies to reduce the prices of their different offers and this will contribute to raise the living standard of the Bangladeshi people. Benefit to the society

After each month the workings would be accumulated and the progress should be evaluated. Deliverables: The deliverables will a detailed report containing the generated data, interpretation of the data in light of the project objectives. It will contain the model that we will be developing. A research paper will be submitted at the end of the project. Project Budget: The approximate cost of the whole project is

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