Cuba A Bright Future Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

Cuba- A Bright Future Essay, Research Paper

Cuba: A Bright Future


On first glimpse, Cuba is non what it seams. One might believe of the island merely as the last bastion of Communism in an progressively democratic and capitalistic universe. This is progressively untrue, and can no longer be considered a fact. It is true, nevertheless that in the past Cuba has gone to great lengths to do itself isolated, this was merely a tactic to guarantee that their alone society was non diluted by any foreigner influence, particularly American. The consequence of this political behavior has frequently meant nil but hurting and discord for the Cuban people. Recently though, they have been loosening their tether, and have allowed for some more eupneic room. No where else is this more clear than in the spread outing tourer industry that now dominates much of the island and it s economic system.

Political Development:

The political hereafter of the little state has been unsure since the first Europeans landed on the island in 1492, along with the now celebrated Columbus. Indeed, for the first several old ages, even the name of the island itself changed often before finally settling on Cuba ( which originates from the local name Cubanascnan ) . The rubric to the island bounced back and Forth every bit good. First from Spain, so to England after the seven twelvemonth war, so back to Spain, and finally to the autonomous state that it is today. During the Batista old ages ( 1952-1959 ) , life for the island-dwellers was inhibitory and conditions pour. Initially Batista was simply interested in cowtoeing to the American investors and tourers that flocked to the island, but he bit by bit developed his ain personal political agenda. Finally Batista was overthrown after several old ages of fighting with the likes of Fidel Castro and His many guerilla protagonists. Once in a place of power, Castro instantly seized control of the island and began to instate the rudimentss of communism. It seamed with this that at last Cuba had a hereafter. Indeed, Castro was more than a Communist marionette, he was a front man of the Cuban people and a political visionary. What he did for the island was wholly unselfish in it s mobs. He abolished racism on the island, and gave even the poorest of provincials the chance at a university instruction. It is impossible to decode an image of the Cuban authorities merely from looking at such Communist opposite numbers a s China. China is an utmost instance of Communism, Cuba on the other manus is more indulgent in it s positions. In fact, Cuba is developing rather the acute concern sense. Some say the island is even booming, and even has the chance to make better.

Though, today this comparative security and political stableness is get downing to waver. Fidel is non the immature mountain guerilla that one time was, and is making an age where many are get downing to oppugn his wellness. What will the hereafter clasp for Cuba? No 1 knows for certain, but it isn t impossible that Cuba s present signifier of Communism won t carry on after Castro s gone. Few people on the island have anything but the greatest regard for him, at least they say this is so. However, the American authorities is certain that there is adequate pro-Americanism on the island that it could finally return back to it s former function as a associated state of the States one time Castro is gone. Possibly even a province. Therefore far the political hereafter is one time once more unsure.

Foreign Policy:

When Batista was in control of the authorities, the foreign policy, to a point seemed to be & # 8220 ; Go with whatever the Americans think is best. & # 8221 ; This place changed as the authoritiess agenda changed, and it wasn t long earlier Batista annoyed the Americans to such a point that the realized that he wasn t worth the dither. They supported Castro in his attempts to take control of Cuba, believing that any alteration would be for the better, and that Castro would be so thankful, that they would basically hold him in their pocket. Thingss couldn Ts have gone more off class than they did, and one time the cold war got reacted up, they surely were kicking themselves. Cuba began developing strong ties with the USSR, and from that gained arms and engineering. How they used this techn

ology was still up to them, since they were in such a cardinal place, the USSR probably considered them a valuable trade good. No uncertainty Cuba used this fact to play Russia for all it was deserving. Back to the usage of the economic support provided by the USSR, Cuba used it as it liked. Throughout it s aureate old ages, Cuba supported legion political rebellions all over the Earth. This point is clearest specially in Africa, since just part of the population is of African descent, there was strong understanding for the African state of affairs in peculiar. Besides, Cuba was a focal point for the mass preparation of revolutionists to contend efficaciously with guerilla warfare. Who better to learn it than the Cubans who merely old ages before had been making the same. since fring it s support from the USSR, such plans have been cut back significantly, and alternatively, Cuba does preparation of a different kind. Cuba has, for an island of it s size and political strength, a just figure of trained professionals and establishments of higher acquisition. Today, Cuba brings in pupils from all over, but specifically 1s from Communist China and many of the environing islands.


Throughout the 1950ss, Cuba was deriving a flourishing economic system. Many American company & # 8217 ; s built mills there and employed a great trade of the population. Besides, touristry was besides on the rise as a big figure of Americans flocked to the island every twelvemonth due to it s close propinquity to the provinces. After Castro took control, all this, for a clip, stopped. The Cuban economic system moved from being an up-sprout of the American economic system to a supported member of the Communist axis states. All American owned concern were seized and assets were liquidated to be funnelled back into the province. There was a broad graduated table mechanisation of the industries, and the economic system was flush with support. Since the autumn of the greater communist states, Cuba has been left really much on it s ain. Naturally, it has turned back to it s original beginning of income ; touristry. The touristry industry brings more money into the state than all the annual sugar exports. It now employs more and more Cubans who are attracted to the occupations by the possibility of the all-powerful American dollar, and tips. So it seams that things, for the most portion have come full circle. At least for now, Cuba is one time once more depending on America for support. conditions they like it or non.

Social/quality of life:

Cuba surely has seen better yearss. They may hold survived without American assistance when backed by the Communist axis, but they surely won Ts when it s merely them against the States. They receive small in the manner of modern medical specialty, their engineering is still stuck in the 1970ss, they drive autos from the 1950ss, and there are frequent power outages. And that s merely if you live in an urbanised environment. shut to two tierces do, but at least one 3rd still live as they would hold near to eighty old ages ago. The telephone service is patched at best, and the postal service International Relations and Security Network t much better. Still, this aside, the mean life anticipation is someplace about 70 six, though this age differs by beginning. The clime is contributing to merely about any sort of industry or agribusiness, so there truly shouldn T be any jobs. Still, things can t aid but better.


Cuba is decidedly one of the more progressive communist authoritiess in being today, and this becomes more true every twenty-four hours. Their hereafter in the country is going well unstable, and as Castro ages, so does the Country. Communism may hold been the reply for the past Cuba, but the hereafter surely looks bright for a return to capitalist economy. Cuba no longer holds the political strength that is used to, and this is clearly reflected in their foreign policy. This one time strong state has had to take a place on the side lines, and no longer participates to the extent that it one time did on the planetary scene. The economic system has begun to realine its ego with the United States in a hunt for stableness. The future Cuban economic system besides looks bright. Finally, there s the societal state of affairs. It s distressing at the minute, but with the betterment being made to the ailing economic system, one can merely trust that some of the spoils will dribble their manner down.

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