Cubans in South Florida

4 April 2015
Impact of Cubans on culture, social structure, local politics & U.S. (Clinton) policy toward Castro.

The population of South Florida today contains a large contingent of exiles and refugees from Castro’s Cuba, part of a mass exodus of disaffected and politically persecuted Cubans who have left their homeland since the Cuban Revolution. Many of those who came here in the first wave after the revolution believed they would be returning home, perhaps within a few months, but as the years have passed the Cuban population has become more socially and economically integrated into the U.S. culture in Florida even while maintaining ties with Cuba and while trying to keep alive the hope that Castro could be overthrown and democracy restored in Cuba. The presence of this large exile group has had a profound effect on South Florida, especially in terms of politics given the dedication of this group to influencing U.

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S. policy toward Cuba, but also in the..

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