Cults Essay Research Paper I Brief Introduction

9 September 2017

Cults Essay, Research Paper

I. Brief Introduction

Recently during our in category treatment we where introduced to the definition of a

cult. So unbenounced to myself I was unaware of the fact this paper was due. Which is

wholly my mistake. This in bend ailing my involvement to larn more of the cult and where this

term originated. So The past hebdomad I attempted to read many articles on such things as

Waco and the similar.

The contention environing new spiritual motions seems to be foremost

concerned with whether or non the members of these faiths come of their ain freewill

or if they convert as a necessary and inevitable response to coercion, or brainwashing

techniques employed by the cult leaders. I antecedently stated this in one of my Journal

entries. It seems that there is ever one adult male in charge with all the power. With this

power he can necessarily bring on a signifier of brainwashing.

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The construct of brainwashing came into popular being in the 1950 s as the

consequence of efforts to seek and explicate the behaviour of some American GI s who defected to

the Communists during the Korean War ( 19 Oct 1999 ) . Many people, including some

professionals, found brainwashing to be an acceptable account for the otherwise

unaccountable behaviour. However, the brainwashing theory did nil to explicate why

100s of other captured GI s chose to stay true to their state even at the hazard of

being tortured. It could non accurately history for the behaviour of a choice few GI s when

it did non offer any account for the behaviour of the bulk. This besides ties in with

something we discussed early on in the one-fourth called shell daze. Many times

throughout history we tend to seek an easy reply for that which we do non understand.

Or instead that which we DO NOT desire to understand. It is much easier for us as worlds

to disregard such things to brainwashing or shellshock instead so to seek the truth.

Since the 1950 s, the construct of brainwashing has faded in and out of public

consciousness with a inclination to flame up up once more in the face of public contention. In the

1960 s and 1970 s the brainwashing argument once more took centre phase, this clip in an

effort to explicate the behaviour of alleged groups who left behind a normal life and

opted alternatively for a cult being. I believe James would hold questioned this. What is

a normal life. He stood on the evidences of, ( in Lamens footings ) to each their ain. Who

are we to state who is right and who is incorrect? If this cult life where to break a individual

and make good for a community who are we to judge?

Although bookmans of new spiritual motions would hold that spiritual groups

frequently have significant influence over their followings, they would besides reason that the

influence exerted in & # 8220 ; cults & # 8221 ; is non really different from influence that is present in

practically every sphere of life, ( 19 Oct 1999 ) . Mainstream faiths besides exercise

influence over their members refering affairs such as lifestyle picks, familial

dealingss and pecuniary contributions. Furthermore, most societal scientists concede that some

grade of influence is inevitable in each civilization and aspect of life even outside the sphere of

spiritual pick.

Despite the fact that there do non look to be any surveies that once and for all

provide grounds of brainwashing as a legitimate account for connection, and in malice of

the many surveies that have refuted that brainwashing defence successfully, the

brainwashing theory continues to be debated on a regular basis. Although we tend to set this

construct to rest at times, it shall necessarily rise up its ugly caput. Then one time once more we must

inquiry and difference is it brainwashing or instead a free pick? The construct of

brainwashing is still frequently relied on to account for behaviour that is otherwise culturally


If brainwashing is non an appropriate account for the transition of people to

NRM s than what is? A common subject on the anticult side of the transition argument is

the statement that members are,

to changing grades, predisposed to going cult

members. This supposed sensitivity is normally thought to be a merchandise of

depression, heartache, solitariness and a life filled with consecutive failures. Often these cults

are funded by its followings giving their secular goods. Although I can non cite this In

one of the many articles I read in one such instance where a successful concern adult male was a

chief subscriber to the cult. However, as recent surveies have shown, this is non wholly

true. Although many people who seek out NRM s are enduring with depression or have

realized some reverses the same could be said of some that seek out mainstream

faiths for the same grounds, viz. to experience better about themselves and to happen purpose

and significance in life. Once once more I must repeat James s ideas. His justice no others

constructs frequently put these positions into inquiry.

Shelley Leibert, an teacher with the Unification Church, has discussed two

chief types of people that pass through the UC cantonments ( Dawson, 1996:204 ) . Leibert

depict one type as being good rounded, successful and secure while the other is

described as being drug users, dropouts and vagrants. Leibert concludes that it is the latter

that are most improbable to give themselves to the life style of the UC. Advocates of the

predestination theory frequently argue that it is these down and alone people who are

susceptible, preset and frequently targeted victims of cult brainwashing. They make

these premises frequently missing any firsthand cognition of cult recruiting patterns.

While it is true that at times some cult members appear to be more vulnerable to cult

recruiting ( Dawson, 1996:205 ) , it remains that exposure and predisposed are two

different constructs. Furthermore, many of those who are deemed to be vulnerable

( recent grass widows, the grieving, etc. , ) often regard their cult experience as a positive

and curative experience, even after go forthing the cult environment ( Dawson, 1996:205 ) .

Although, as Dr. John G. Clark suggests, these apparently vulnerable people join NRM s in an effort to experience better about themselves ( Dawson, 1996:207 ) , the same thing can

be said of many who join mainstream spiritual organisations. Regardless of whether the

vulnerable individual chooses to fall in a mainstream faith or an NRM, it is, however,

still a pick. The exercise of freewill, or pick, by cult inductees is apparent but their

frequent church, or cult, skiping done in order to happen a group whose beliefs and

patterns best answer their inquiries ( Dawson, 1996:205 ) .

The brainwashing theory handily provides an mercantile establishment for the anti-cult

motion to reply to the inquiry of why some people chose NRM s over mainstream

faiths. It allows those who leave NRM s and repent their former connexions to avoid

taking duty for their actions and takes the incrimination for their aberrant behaviour

off from them. In making so, the brainwashing theory negates the plausibleness of freewill.

In shutting, it could be argued that, if brainwashing were a legitimate theory, the

anti-cult motion exhibits more head control behaviours than do NRM s, when

sing their engagement in action such as deprogramming and their consistent

usage of propaganda and half truths. It must be stated that it is a CHOICE.

II Brief decision

Often times in paper we must province the facts and argue each instance with out sentiment. This

is why I enjoy the diary subjects. It is highly difficult to set 1s ain personal ideas

and feelings into a paper. As I am right now, I am merely flying it. With out any pre

planned composing but merely saying what comes to my caput. So Like I said The ground I

take this subject was because of what we discussed in category besides how the instance of Waco

stuck so deeply in our caputs. Hopefully I will compose on James in my following paper.

Many of the things sing cults could be argued by James. I enjoy his non

judgmental manner of believing. Such as you can believe in what you want, like mystical


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