Cults Essay Research Paper Recently I read

9 September 2017

Cults Essay, Research Paper

Recently I read an article about the Heaven & # 8217 ; s Gate Cult, and I wondered why on Earth would person acquire involved in a cult whose intent seemed so pathetic. How can you do sense out of the self-destruction of 39 people? How can you explicate behavior that seems so unusual? Should we merely presume that people who follow this sort of cult are weirdoes, stupid, insane, evil, or is at that place something more to it?

I decided to make a small on-line research to happen out a little more about cults. I found out that cults are truly non all that uncommon, and that about anyone can fall victim to a cult. Most people do non put out to fall in a & # 8216 ; cult & # 8217 ; . They get involved with a group of interesting people. These groups normally promise to carry through a individual & # 8217 ; s single demands or to counterbalance for societies failures. These groups may assure to mend illness, foretell the hereafter, or heighten a individual & # 8217 ; s life in some manner. The leaders of these cults normally promise to hold all the replies to whatever jobs these people have. These groups become cults when they are seen as delusory, unsafe, or they oppose the basic values of society.

Normally people get involved with cults when they are at a vulnerable period in their lives. Peoples who are at a transitional period in their lives, like people who late lost a occupation, or person who merely moved to a new country may be susceptible. Another ground why people get involved with these groups could be that they are unsated with their faiths, their instruction, or their societal lives. The cult seems to make full the nothingness of whatever is losing in a individual & # 8217 ; s life. Peoples find instant friendly relationships, a caring household, an individuality, safety, security, and an organized docket for every twenty-four hours life.

Most people who are recruited into cults are recruited by people they feel they can swear, in a scene that is familiar. Family, friends, neighbours, colleagues or instructors frequently do recruitment. Recruitment frequently takes topographic point in familiar topographic points like school, place, work, churches, workshops, or ( as in the instance of Heaven & # 8217 ; s Gate ) over the Internet. This makes the cult feel SA

iron and comfy. Peoples don’t feel like they are acquiring involved in a “cult” alternatively they feel like they are fall ining the crowd.

Cult leaders offer simple replies to the complex jobs of mundane life.

They claim to cognize a simple way to happiness, to success, and to Salvation. . Peoples who follow their simple regulations and simple life style will be on this way. Cult leaders give members really simple waies on how to believe, act and feel. In return a member gets all those things that may be losing from their lives. What these leaders claim to cognize seems so simple and easy, that some people feel they can take part with small vacillation it seems like a perfect solution for those people who feel that they are powerless in their lives. Each new member contributes to a leaders power by merchandising their ain freedom for the semblance of security that each group has. The lunacy of a cult leader becomes normalized as members embrace it. It becomes a members belief system.

Cults like Heaven & # 8217 ; s Gate are unusual nevertheless ; there are many different sorts of cults around. Some cults can be more unsafe than others. Some are money or power oriented, while others are religious centered. A money, or power-centered cult can go unsafe when it manipulates members into lending big sums of money or personal forfeit. A member may be asked to pass big sums of clip gaining money for the cult. They may be asked to implore, borrow, or steal money. A religious based cult can besides go unsafe. Theses spiritual cults claim that they know all of lives unreciprocated inquiries. Typically members of these cults become isolated from the universe around them. They are expected non to speak to anyone who is non a member.

Is there anyhow we can forestall cults from organizing? I guess to reply that we would hold to look behind the messages behind cults. Normally cults signifier because there is something losing from society. We would hold to happen a manner to do our society make up for everything that is losing. We would hold to happen ways to do our society deliver on the many things that cults promise.

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