Cultural Absolutism Essay Research Paper Take Me

9 September 2017

Cultural Absolutism Essay, Research Paper

Take Me Out to the Ballgame?

I awaited the twenty-four hours before the large game in nervous apprehensiveness. Would the Red Sox be able to bounce from a 0-2 series shortage and progress to confront the Northerners? They had already won two consecutive games and evened the series at 2-2. The following game would be the bash or decease state of affairs. I stylishly dressed in all of my Red Sox dress ( even the lucky ruddy socks ) and prepared for an invigorating game. Mike from the 3rd floor came down to the first floor sofa to watch the large game. Bing from Cleveland, Mike was featuring all of his Indians dress. For the following the 3 hours Mike would be my most acrimonious enemy. Mike was the Antichrist. We would curse at each other, hurl missiles at each other, and perchance even have an outright hubbub if things got out of control. In the underside of the 2nd frame, the Indians got 2 hits, which spawned an hideous reaction from microphone. He sprung from his place, weaponries neglecting about, and began to make a mock Indian dance in forepart of me. & # 8220 ; Sit your cockamamie ass down, & # 8221 ; I likely yelled. Then he began to make the hatchet chop to his fantastically clich? 500 rendering of an Indian chant, & # 8220 ; Ohhhh oh oh oh Ohhhh oh oh oh. & # 8221 ; I looked up at Mike & # 8217 ; s hat. The Cleveland Indian logo goofily stared down at me.

The mascot of the Cleveland perpetuates a stereotyped image of Native Americans as a barbarian being tamed by colonists. Baseball, an American establishment, is guilty of gross outing racism. This blatantly racist symbol must strike an angry chord with modern-day Native Americans, whose past floods with illustrations of cultural maltreatment. On the chapeau of each participant, an Indian with conceited ruddy face and stupid carefree smile appears in an look of triumphing exultation. All his facial characteristics are exaggerated, and an erect plume stands above his caput like an alfalfa bean sprout. If it was up to me, I & # 8217 ; vitamin Ds say scalp the commissioner of baseball for leting such an flagitious symbol of cultural racism to bloom and impact the multitudes on telecasting. How have the Cleveland Indians been able to acquire off with such a culturally take downing mascot without a important public call? Our cultural tyranny along with our naivete topographic points Native Americans on subhuman animalistic degree and feeds our unconscious impression that the logo is harmless.

The bulk of Americans pattern cultural tyranny. Cultural tyranny, the inclination of persons to see their civilization as superior, ingrained itself into the American manner of life before Columbus landed. Americans have a world-wide repute as chesty, nescient, simple-minded cowpuncher. And these stereotypes are wholly justified by past illustrations of cultural abattoirs. I, as an American, can acknowledge our inclination to rule others in the service of distributing the & # 8220 ; superior & # 8221 ; manner of life. Native American people, misunderstood to this twenty-four hours, have been simplified to this bare, feather luging, crimson, doltishly barbarian sub-human animal. ( Notice that I use Native Americans, as opposed to Indians as Cleveland & # 8217 ; s squad so casually labels them. Naming Native Americans Indians is subjecting to Columbus & # 8217 ; blooper, and would do me even more nescient than I am already. ) They

chant, dance and worship unusual divinities ; somehow they are below Westerners on the evolutionary concatenation. We have no context to judge their civilization except our ain, which is perfectly the normal, righteous one.

Sport squads are normally coined with names of barbarian, or ferocious intensions, ferocious animate beings conquered by white colonists. The Cleveland Logo represents this dominated wild animate being. It exists for the same ground a glee huntsman puts some hapless carnal & # 8217 ; s caput on the wall as a trophy. The Cleveland Indian asserts the American cowpuncher & # 8217 ; s cultural tyranny. One would anticipate the politically right 90s to get rid of such a disturbingly blazing instance of institutionalised mainstream racism. Is tradition land for leting this Logo to have sustained mainstream attending implementing harmful cultural stereotypes? I & # 8217 ; m sure the MLB association would state yes! But what do you state?

To understand what & # 8217 ; s incorrect with the Logo, allow & # 8217 ; s measure outside our cultural positions to make some every bit culturally violative squads: How about the Boston Negro Boys, the Penny Pinching Baltimore Jews, The Springfield Spanish Spics, The Williamstown Whities, or Georgia & # 8217 ; s winging Gooks. Those squads sound reasonably absurd and piquing. But are they any more absurd and violative so the Cleveland Indian & # 8217 ; s logo? Hell no! Naivete assumes that the Cleveland Indians logo is harmless. Through childhood games of Cowboys and Indians, sketch word pictures, films, and Sons like that of the Cleveland Indians, socialization leads us to unconsciously accept these images. We succumb to naivety if we accept these unsound impressions, culturally fed into encephalons, at face value. Close your eyes. Try and pass over off all your cultural prejudices. Have you of all time been below the belt classified or belittled? Of class you have. It pissed you off, didn & # 8217 ; t it? Keep you eyes closed. You are a Native American, proud of your heritage, haunted by your yesteryear. Open your eyes, and look down at the Cleveland Indians logo. A pathetic stereotyped imitation that insults you, your ascendants, and your people stands before you. I suppose we can ne’er understand the animus that this image conjures up, but we need to get the better of our naivete and get down to acknowledge it as damaging.

Why does this culturally dismaying image still be, and non our illustrations of other culturally degrading squads? Where is the indignation? Indians do non hold the sort of political representation to contend the logo. Shoved off in their privy reserves, Indians have become artefacts, a sort of nexus to a past adult male. The preconceived impressions about Indians pervade in the head of everyone who played cowpuncher and Indians as a kid. The logo and Indian stereotypes have become such institutionalised symbols that they are similar to apple pie.

Native Americans have been bullied long plenty. The national baseball ball association, those fans who do the Tomahawk chop, and you Mike are guilty of cultural racism. Applying civilization relativism is hard. Behind the smiling of the apparently harmless Cleveland Indian logo hides another illustration of American cultural tyranny. Are you unconsciously being a racialist? Don & # 8217 ; t be fooled! And by the manner Mike, who ended up winning the game?


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