Cultural Conservation Essay Research Paper One problem

Cultural Conservation Essay, Research Paper

One job with cultural preservation:

To set it merely, and its non a jobs that merely conservatives really frequently confound

( or blend moralss and aesthetics. When Gertrude Himmererfarf lambastes out ( as she

perceives it ) & # 8216 ; amoral, & # 8217 ; sexually deviant & # 8217 ; and & # 8216 ; polymorpously perverse & # 8217 ; civilization she is

chiefly reacting to something that she finds culturally foreign and aesthetically


I agree with her that values are oftentimes a good thing, but merely when they are

Born of an ethical and matter-of-fact position, non an aesthetic 1.

The conservativists want a apparently orderly and compartment society wherein stable

visual aspects are maintained and antediluvian cultural originals are adhered to sacredly. I

grew up in a universe of cultural originals. I grew up with white business communities traveling to

office edifices while their married womans stayed at place and their childs went to school. or, more

accurately, I grew up with alcoholic, extramarital concern work forces who lives culturally insular

lives while their married womans took depressants and smoked coffin nails and vented their defeats

on there childs, and these same childs took reams of drugs, got abortions, drove rummy, and

victimized the doormats. I grew up in what most conservativists would see a Utopia ;

tonss of money, prestigiousness, cultural coherence, and good conservative values.

But their values were in fact aesthetics, and keeping these aesthetics ruled and

ruined their lives. Almost everyone in this suburban middle class system hated their lives,

but because they had been brought up to idolize aesthetic myths they felt that to

inquiry them was an admittance of personal failure.

What are these myths? they & # 8217 ; re old and bromidic but I & # 8217 ; ll jog on them once more:

that & # 8217 ; s money makes you happy, that society is right and that poorness is bad, that

keeping convention in every facet of your life is the ultimate good, that aberrancy

from these thoughts is sin. ECT.

I & # 8217 ; m non traveling to state that the polar antonyms of the clich & # 233 ; s is true, that would be

one of the weaknesss of the extremist left. I believe that for the most portion these standards are

irrelevant. Money can do life easier, but it besides can do life suffering. Poverty can

be bad but it can besides be all right. Convention has some good points and some bad points


What it all comes down to is flexibleness that should let for the well being of the

single without compromising the rights of other persons.

When conservativists trot out their litany of evils-homosexuality, individual parent

households, multiculturalism, ect. I & # 8217 ; m ever inquiring & # 8216 ; why? & # 8217 ; . If people are happy being homosexual

so whets incorrect with that? it may be a life style that & # 8217 ; s aesthetically different from what

we & # 8217 ; ve been brought up with, but so what? and individual parent households? better a loving

individual parent household than a & # 8216 ; conventional household & # 8217 ; wherein the parents hate each other and

the male parent is a rabble-rouser.

One ground that we have such a broad assortment of alternate life styles is that the

conventional life styles that the conservativists title-holder are frequently rather flawed and


Restrictive mores can be terrific when applied to peoples violent urges, but

restrictiveness is awfully unhealthy when its used to acquire people to conform to intercede

societal originals. This restrictiveness can do people experience unequal and inferior and

it needs to be done off with.

If person & # 8217 ; s homosexual, allow them be gay. If your boy wants to get married a black adult female ( or

white or xanthous or Muslim ) so allow the, . We need to love each other and back up each

other even if we choose to populate in options but harmless ways. Obviously if your boy

is a raper or a wifebeater or a kid molester so you need to oppugn your support of

his actions and values.

I & # 8217 ; m non defending a retreat for duty. I believe that personal and

societal good being is built upon and foundation of difficult work, trueness, honestness, diligence,

regard, tolerance, and other good & # 8216 ; values. & # 8217 ; But it doesn & # 8217 ; t count what the cultural

manifestation of the values looks like. It can be straight or gay or male or female or

black or white or anything every bit long as its respectful and makes the practician feel good.

So my advise to cultural conservativists ( and others ) would be to cultivate an

attack to values based on rules instead than aesthetics. I would besides wish to state

that any dictums on the values of others, particularly pronouncements swerving into

the pre-scriptive kingdom, need to be cautious, matter-of-fact, logical and non merely the typically

hateful and reactionist vacuums that we & # 8217 ; ve grown so accustomed to.

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