Cultural Identity Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

Cultural Identity Essay, Research Paper

& # 8216 ; Cultural individuality & # 8217 ; , harmonizing to Stuart Hall can be viewed through two different ways. The first place positions & # 8216 ; cultural individuality & # 8217 ; in footings of one shared civilization, reflecting typical historical experiences and shared cultural codifications. Further, these cultural codifications and common historical experiences & # 8216 ; supply us, as & # 8216 ; one people & # 8217 ; , with stable, unchanging and uninterrupted frames of mention and significance & # 8217 ; ( Hall, p.393 ) . The 2nd position relies to a great extent on the single & # 8217 ; s experience of their civilization. Through this position, civilization is ever altering, it is non inactive as claimed by the first definition. & # 8216 ; Far from being everlastingly fixed in some essentialised yesteryear, they are capable to the uninterrupted & # 8216 ; play & # 8217 ; of history, civilization and power & # 8217 ; ( Hall, p.394 ) . We all write and speak from a peculiar topographic point and clip, from a history and a civilization that is specific to us, in other words from a & # 8216 ; place of diction & # 8217 ; . The & # 8216 ; black experience & # 8217 ; which Hall refers to as a normally shared history and political orientation, pendent on coloring material, is in world something which relies to a great extent on single experience, and each experience in this instance is context positioned. For illustration, the black experience of a Jamaican and an African life in Britain will be different even though they are both black. Hall talks about the synthesis of civilizations, of holding an original civilization that is dominated by a colonising civilization and the consequence being an integrating of the two into something wholly new. This & # 8216 ; mixture & # 8217 ; or & # 8216 ; hybridity & # 8217 ; is the kernel of what makes Jamaica what it is today.

Peoples can’t return to the mystical beginnings of an idealized clip in history and disregard the influences of the colonial invasion.

His decision is that the intent of the modern black film is to let us to recognize and research the different parts that go into building our & # 8216 ; cultural individualities & # 8217 ; . & # 8216 ; This is the career of modern black film: by leting us to see and recognize the different parts and histories of ourselves, to build those points of designation, those positionalities we call in retrospect our & # 8216 ; cultural individualities & # 8221 ; ( Hall, p.402 ) . Culture is socially transmitted and if non passed on, will be forgotten, and therefore will discontinue to be. Through the media, civilization is constructed and by analyzing these cultural individualities we attempt to explicate ourselves and our yesteryear, hence go oning our being. & # 8216 ; A national civilization is the whole organic structure of attempts made by a people in the domain of idea to depict, justify and praise the action through which that people has created itself and maintain itself in being & # 8217 ; ( Fanon, p.188 ) . During the British business of Malta, the Maltese adopted many of the British imposts but modified them to suit their ain cultural norms, hence making a hybridity of the two. For illustration, the linguistic communication usage of the upper & # 8211 ; category in Malta. It is English, but it has been altered plenty, through the speech pattern, to do it distinguishable and recognizable as a Maltese idiom of the English linguistic communication. This shows the synthesis of the two civilizations, uniting to make a new signifier particular to the Maltese civilization after British regulation.

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