Cultural shock

6 June 2017

What do you understand by culture shock? Have you ever experienced it and how did you deal with it? (Please limit your answer to 300 words) Each place has its own unique values, laws and systems, so there Is no doubt that different countries share a lot In common. Cultural shock may be defined as a psychological disorientation that most people experience when living In a culture markedly different from one’s own. One experiences cultural shock when they are uprooted from their familiar way of life. This includes experiencing different climate conditions, being unfamiliar with ew cuisine, language as well as social values.

When a person has to adapt in a new unknown environment the transition is not smooth for some. There is a feeling of disconnect and it can take a toll on a person’s physical as well as emotional health. As long as people learn to manage it effectively, it will help them to experiment new ideas, boost their sense of well-being and equipping them with necessary skills which helps bringing enormous potential benefits.

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Cultural shock never had an extreme Impact on me as from my childhood have been travelling to different countries due to the nature of my father’s profession.

The Initial impact of cultural shock was cushioned due to the comforting presence of my parents which helped to acclimatize to such transitions. Since childhood I have travelled to the lengths and breadths of the globe and this experience of Intermingling with different natlonalltles and adapting to their culture have evolved me into a more confident and broad- minded individual. I understood that one needs to have flexibility towards practices and customs of different cultures. I am now comfortable with people of different cultures, a trait that plays an integral role in today’s global economy.

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