Cultural Tourism

2 February 2017

The tourist attracted by different ethnic groups , languages, different Nepalese cultural dresses and ornaments, food habits, village structure and its type housing patterns, family patterns ,rites and rituals, marriage patterns, ethos, cultural aesthetic values, subsistence system, fairs and festivals, religious belief, priestly hood, supper naturalism, faith healing system, shamanism, local dance and songs, altogether there are one hundred three ethnic groups in Nepal.Nepali society is the multi-language and multi religious society, these different tradition have formed Nepalese cultural. Cultural tourism is alive with dynamic growth, new activities, and rapid changes records number of tourists is travelling the globe attracted by an increased variety of team package. All the visitors and the activities they generates change local communities. They have an economic, social, cultural, environment, or ecological that cannot be ignored.

In today’s society, attention must be paid to cultural issues, economic issues and how tourists behave.It is focuses that tourism has mainly contributing not only in economy of the country but it also it is contributing in change on the people life style, culture, rites and ritual, values , norms etc. As per the higher demand of cultural tourism is being development and maintenance of many particular place, guiding principle for sustainable tourism development an important part of the consideration tourism motivation and is the promotion of successful and satisfying holiday experience.Researcher can participate observation by going on the spot like area of festive or programme by observing people behaviour etc. ”. (kumari, pp. 12, 1999) “Observation is a complex research method because it often requires the researcher to play a number of roles and to use a number of techniques; including her/his five senses, to collect data.

Cultural Tourism Essay Example

In addition, despite the level of involvement with the study group, the researcher must always remember her/his primary role as a researcher and remain detached enough to collect and analyse data relevant to the problem under investigation.

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