Culture: A Powerful Gender Guide

4 April 2015
A discussion on how the culture play a role in women’s development

This essay presents a detailed examination of the way culture affects a woman’s image. The writer uses several readings to illustrate how culture impacts a woman’s image and determines their place in their culture. In addition, the writer compares and contrasts the three readings to discuss the impact of culture on each woman in the readings. Culture in this instance includes factors such as the way the women have been raised, where they live, social issues, political stances and contemporary issues.
Throughout the world, various cultures play important roles in gender development, expectations and lives. Each culture has its own personality, which drives the acceptance of certain standards, and trends when it comes to the way women are impacted and affected. Cultural influence is more than religion or race traditions. It also takes into consideration the way women are raised, political stances of the cultural society that the women live in as well as other underlying elements. While the cultures differ world wide, there is one common denominator. Women are indeed affected through their cultures.

Many times authors use their work to reflect a norm, whether or not they agree with the norm. In three separate arenas, authors have taken to task the portrayal of cultural influence on the women of that culture. Maxine Hong Kingston, Bessie Head, and Slavenka Drakulics are from different lives, cultures and traditions however their writing share the common thread of uncovering the culture’s impact on women.

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