Culture and Arts in an Exotic Society

4 April 2015
This paper is on the culture of Hawaii, focusing on Hawaiian art and culture.

The author primarily focuses on the rich cultural history, Hawaiian dance, the Hula, and includes general traditions in Hawaiian art. There is a lengthy examination of Hawaii’s racial mixtures, food, clothing, homes, family life, language, religion, and various activities, such as sculpture, painting, music, and dance.
Hawaiian contributions to society include music, dance, surfing, the lei, and language.The Hawaiian culture is a fascinating one, based on ancient history of colonization and gods among other things. The ancient culture is so rich and is still just as vibrant today. It is portrayed beautifully with bright colors, the use of nature, and many forms of art. Though the Hawaiian culture may seem extremely different than that of other states, it is similar in many ways. There are a great number of differences that make the culture so fascinating. It may seem the similarities are buried among differences, but traditional American culture has a lot in common with Hawaiian culture. Some similarities include recreation, holidays, language, and diversity. Both cultures influence each other and will continue throughout time, but I don’t think the traditional Hawaiian culture will ever fade out.

Culture and Arts in an Exotic Society Essay Example

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