Culture and Diversity in Decision Making

7 July 2016

The definition of the mission and goals of the enterprise is the foundation for any business. Mission – is the answer to the question, what is the activity of the company is and what it intends to do. Procter & Gamble has a pretty clear statement: “We are there to improve your life” After the mission, the organization needs to define the purpose. In this case, the goal – to produce goods and services of the highest quality and customer value that improve the lives of today’s and future generations around the world. Consumers help to take a leading position in terms of sales, to ensure the prosperity of the business that contributes to the well-being of employees and shareholders, as well as those areas where employees live and work. The goal unites workers for the common cause of the growth strategy. It has great potential due to a simple idea to improve on daily lives of consumers around the world. It is this setting allows P & G to achieve maximum full growth. So, from the above we can highlight the important goals of the company: A. Providing quality products, customer focus;

B. Creating a stable, growing company. 3. About the P&G company’s culture signs. The company provides a certain amount of self – dependence divisional governance structure that provides greater flexibility and faster response to changes in the business environment compared to the linear and linear- staff. Managerial responsibility for the activities of the company both in the domestic and foreign market is shared between them. This type of structure combines centralized coordination and control of centrally managed. Key figures in the management of an organization with a divisional structure – not heads of functional units, and the managers in charge of the production department, the so-called divisions. The company groups are formed by categories, each of which includes experts in marketing, sales and advertising. These narrow specialists provide each its part under the direct control of the manager category.

Culture and Diversity in Decision Making Essay Example

The level of the manager is very high. 4. Factors that caused the organization to embody this particular culture. P&G company has been working toward keeping its reputation and standards in all field. Since it was established, P&G has built rich heritage of touching consumers’ lives with brands that make life a little better every day. Here is to motto says “Do the Right Thing – For each other” The culture of the company is based on the basic moral and ethical values – leadership, striving for the victory, the host’s respect, honesty and trust. These values are not something abstract – they define the actions of the company. 5. What type of leader would be the best?

In my opinion there are many reasons that this leader structure will be effective. First, as part of a huge company it managed to create an environment where every employee is interesting to work with. The responsibility of each employee, including the manager is the main driving force effectiveness. And this is the result of the constructed system of management, whose main task is to create conditions for the moral and material interests of each employee. Second, the complexity of management and collective management style in this company is proposed to use a single control method. The management system is structured in a complex of functional subsystems. That is, they include highlights key subsystems within each of which formed goals, measurable indicators are introduced, developed a system for calculating them are formalized standards, business processes and organizational procedures.

Disconnected from the management of the business functions of the company’s managers are moving to a collective system of integrated management of business functions. 6. Imagine that there is a decline in the demand of products. What the change in culture would be need to be in response to this situation. I think company’s CEO should work with the sale’s department. Look up their regular planning and control of the department and its employees, hiring, selection and adaptation of staff; employee motivation, training, exchange of experience, the general debriefing, evaluation of the department, the calculation of cost of sales, cost of sales regulation, evaluation of individual performance of employees. In one word they have to find out their mistake and fix it, because without a reason demand not decreasing itself.

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