Culture and Gender Relations

4 April 2015
This paper is an anthropological study of gendered sex roles in several cultures.

This paper examines the roles of males and females in several cultures. The author focuses primarily on the interaction between the genders in terms of sex, marriage, and reproduction. The paper also looks at the sexes with respect to finances, familial decision-making, and overall power and influence.
“Gender relations are most easily characterized through an interpretive analysis of reproduction, production, power, and gender ideologies. These four components of the affinity between men and women in various cultures effectively illustrate the societies’ perceptions and understandings of each of the sexes. Subsequently, how each sex demonstrates their core of beliefs and or knowledge is dependent upon these perceptions of their role and contribution to society. Through the application of one or more of these dimensions, each culture defines gender relation. Although one society may rely more heavily on a certain component to provide definition of distinction between gender, anthropologists and sociologists have found numerous similarities between the uses of these dimensions as a tool of definition in dissimilar cultures.”
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