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9 September 2017

Culture Essay, Research Paper

Culture Essay Research Paper Reaction Paper on Essay Example

Reaction Paper on Culture, Personality, or Social Structure


Snyder, Eldon E. and Spreitzer, Elmer A. & # 8220 ; Baseball in Japan. & # 8221 ; Sport in Contemporary Society: An Anthology. Edited by D. Stanley Eitzen. New York: St. Martin & # 8217 ; s Press, 1989, 46-49.

Many things are affected by the civilization that they lye in. One thing that I chose to compose approximately is athleticss. Sports are greatly affected the civilization. A affair of fact, one athletics was invented because of different civilizations colliding. Soccer was played by civilizations for some diversion and leisure. Soccer evolved from one civilization suppressing another, and so playing with the skulls of the 1s they conquered. It is now evolved into the most popular athletics in the universe. In many South American states, association football is the most played athletics due to its popularity among its people. So the civilization of these states dictate what athleticss will be popular. American football would non be a really popular athletics because it is non in their civilization to bask such a athletics.

The article I chose to make was titled & # 8220 ; Baseball in Japan, & # 8221 ; written by Eldon E. Snyder and Elmer A. Spreitzer. First, these writers described that baseball was foremost introduced to some Tokyo University pupils by manner of their American professor in 187 ( pg. 46 ) .

It is highly popular in Japan, particularly at the high school degree, where at one tourney it & # 8220 ; stopping points ten yearss and draws about 500,000 witnesss in add-on to a countrywide telecasting audience & # 8221 ; ( pg. 46 ) .

A major feature of Nipponese civilization is trueness. This trueness is transferred to the game of baseball, besides. Unlike American baseball, participants and directors are loyal to their squad and organisation. American baseball is

all about free agents and trades and how much the person can acquire. One of Nipponese baseball’s features is for the participants to believe of squad foremost. Merely selected American participants are allowed to play in the Nipponese conferences. “The Nipponese enroll the Americans with serious attending paid to personal character and personality traits” ( pg. 47 ) .

Most Americans can non understand the Nipponese civilization. Their civilization consists of things such as difficult work, trueness, teamwork and coherence. These people have their ain separate positions on different things ; but these positions are & # 8216 ; put on the dorsum burner & # 8217 ; when work begins.

American civilization is really different to this civilization because of the many different people that live in the United States. The teamwork doctrine is non prevailing in the work universe. In American baseball, the single seeks the most he can acquire out of a deal-salary, holdouts, etc. & # 8220 ; In Nipponese baseball, making your ain thing is strongly stigmatized-salary differences, inquiring for single freedoms from squad policies, pique fits, moodiness, kicking clubhouse attorneies, assailing the umpire, knocking the director, mouthing-off to the media, bad-mouthing teammates, misdemeanor of preparation regulations, fist battles, and ad nauseam & # 8221 ; ( pg. 49 ) . In our society, the aforesaid Acts of the Apostless are about indispensable to American baseball. Although people complain about contracts and irreverent behaviour, these things are what maintain the athletics interesting to the American populace.

As you can see, civilization and people & # 8217 ; s values greatly affect the athleticss that are played in a certain civilisation. The respectful, quiet, and difficult working society of Japan influence Japanese baseball merely every bit much as the individualised and lazy society of America influence American baseball.

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