Culture in Post-Colonial Asia

4 April 2015
A look at the Sinhala elite and Shiv Sena sub-cultures of Asia and how their customs have developed since the Colonial period.

This paper considers the issue of culture within the context of post-colonial Asia. The paper examines the cultural structure of two cultures; the Sinhala elite and Shiv Sena and how these groups developed and emerged, redefining their own identity. How the Hindu religion has influenced these cultural developments is also discussed.
“Religion is a man made concept, as such all things connected to this can be seen as pure superstition and non existent, yet from an anthropological point of view the religions and superstitions of other races is seen as an important and integral aspect of research and calls for an open and understanding mind. Man has since the dawn of time been involved in one form of symbolism, whether it be through cave paintings or making idols of goddesses.”
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