Culture Topic From Norway Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

Culture Subject From Norway Essay, Research Paper

Culture Topic From Norway Essay Research Paper Essay Example

Culture subject from Norway

Much of the civilization from Norway during the period of the 10th to the

eleventh century came from the Vikings. They came from many small towns and military cantonments from all over Scandinavia. They were first-class mariners and warriors. Because of their geographics the people were forced to utilize the sea as their transit. The traveled in long boats decorated with dragon’s heads on their bows and used for busting, warfare, and geographic expedition. Harmonizing to many historiographers, the Vikings lived quiet lives as husbandmans or bargainers. Many were skilled craftsmen, who were experts in boat edifice, Fe working and as goldworkers. Women milked the cattles and caprine animals, made cheese, brewed ale and honey-sweetened meat, land grain in manus Millss made of soaprock, called querns, cooked up the porridge that frequently served as breakfast, and prepared fish or meat for dinner by tongue roasting it, baked it amid glowing coals in a fire cavity or boiled it in an Fe pot filled with H2O. The homemaker besides used a loom where she made shirts, pants that formed the first bed of vesture for the Vikings, woollen kirtles, cloaks and shawls. The kept woman of the house knew about industry and authorization. She carried acerate leafs, scissors, and a knife with her wherever she went. She besides held the keys to short pantss or thoraxs that held household articles of particular value. The category construction was based upon the fact that those who were gawky, ailment formed would be the slaves of the Vikings, or otherwise known as THRALLS. Those who were good looking and strong were the workers of farms and places, otherwise known as FREEMEN. The Vikings lived in little small towns that consisted of household owned farms. On these farms there was longhouse ( sometimes made from wood, turf, lappet, or daub ) , stallss for farm animal, storage sheds for nutrient, workshops for Fe and other trades, boathouses for sheltering vass in winter and huts for hive awaying other cherished equipment like ploughs, angling tackle, carts, sleds and skis. During this clip period the Vikings went to markets and traded pelts, tusk, glass beads, clayware, jewellery, and blades. They besides used coins that they weighed to state how much they were acquiring. Some of these coins were made of Ag, gold and sometimes bronze. The faith of the Vikings was Christianity. They originally the Vikings kept the Old Norse faith and incorporated its Thursday

emes into the faith of Christianity. But so King Harold “Bluetooth” , renounced pagan religion and embraced Christianity. A really celebrated tradition and jubilation that was celebrated during the old Pagan times was St. John’s Eve. This is a dark of assemblages when people gathered around balefires. There were many superstitious notions connected with the Eve of St. John. For case, the balefire was believed to give protection from evil liquors and to maintain away enchantresss. Herbs and workss had charming powers of the dark. Besides, if a miss on this twenty-four hours picked 7 different sorts of flowers and set them under her pillow, she would woolgather about her hereafter hubby that dark. The day of the month of this event is June 23.

Word picture and Character Analysis

The chief character from the folk tale & # 8220 ; The Princess on the Glass Hill & # 8221 ; is Boots. His male parent has three boies and Boots was the youngest. He was petite compared to the other brothers. He was besides the bravest of the three. Boots ne’er cared about what his other brothers said about him because he knew he was particular. Boots attitude is mild, modest and soft. Boots had control over the when the Equus caballuss came. Each twelvemonth a different Equus caballus came approximately and every twelvemonth he would set them in a secret concealment topographic point. He besides had control over the clip when he would feign to be a knight in reflecting armour and acquire an apple from the princess. He ne’er took all three at one time. Boots got what he wanted in respects to the matrimony of the princess and he besides received half the land. In add-on he had proved to his brothers and male parent that he was a courageous male child and was besides a important figure to the household. Showing that even though he was hapless, the best adult male would win the award. Harmonizing to the narrative he and his household lived on a farm where they would take attention of the field. This is textual grounds that Boots and his household were husbandmans characterized as Vikings. Due to the tease and torment by his brothers Boots proved that he was brave by remaining the dark in the barn event though there were temblors and storms. He besides would go the inheritor to the throne when the current male monarch would decease. When Boots had gone to the throne to turn out to the male monarch that he so had the apples, the brothers were in daze that their ain brother, the one they tormented and teased, would be their swayer. The writer made Boots as a hapless and incapacitated male child because they wanted to portray him every bit ne’er being comfortable and fortunate.

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