Culture Two Different Worlds Essay Research Paper

8 August 2017

Culture: Two Different Worlds Essay, Research Paper

Culture Two Different Worlds Essay Research Paper Essay Example

Two Different Universes

What is civilization? Culture is the thought of what is incorrect or right, the construct of what is acceptable within our society. Culture serves us as a usher, taking us to the & # 8220 ; right manner & # 8221 ; and assisting us to do sense of things that surrounds us. There are many different civilizations around the universe. A batch of them are similar in specific ways and others are merely wholly different, this difference explains why we think that people from different backgrounds are & # 8220 ; weird & # 8221 ; .

The individual that I interviewed is from the United States ; he is 20 old ages old and a pupil at Tri-State University. Ezell Moore is an African American from East Chicago, IN. Ezell comes from a community where Latino people represents 60 % of the population and African Americans represents 40 % . There is no being of White European Americans in his community. He has two siblings and his parents are still married. He came to TSU to play hoops and acquire his grade in communications.

Comparing Ezell & # 8217 ; s civilization to mine was really interesting. I & # 8217 ; m from Brazil, a 3rd universe state in South America and I & # 8217 ; m besides a communications major at Tri-State University. In general, I can state that our civilizations are slightly similar. Our states are both a democracy. Elections, a president, and the senate are common features of our democratic states. Our Torahs are similar as good. The lone difference is that in Brazil they are non enforced efficaciously. Therefore, people do non truly care about our Torahs and they can acquire off with a batch of things merely by corrupting the constabulary. Politicians are seen, in general, as corrupted people that merely care about their ain benefit, possibly this is why our economic system is so bad. Our states are both really big and have a batch of agricultural activities every bit good as industrial. Of class, the U.S. is far more technologically advanced than Brazil.

The U.S. has a immense influence in the Brazilian civilization. This is due to the fact that economical strings tie us, so we are affiliated whether we like it or non. We buy Cadmiums from America, we listen to the same music, we have MTV, and we wear the same apparels. We besides incorporated to our vocabulary a batch of English words such as & # 8220 ; Shopping Center & # 8221 ; or & # 8220 ; Sale & # 8221 ; . This is a mark that the Brazilian civilization has become & # 8220 ; Americanized & # 8221 ; to a certain extend.

Part of the cultural facets that is similar is the manner we view adult females in our civilizations. In Brazil every bit good as in the U.S. , adult females are viewed as workers. The thought that adult females should remain at place taking attention of the childs does non be any longer ; our capitalistic society demands every individual to work in order to hold a nice life.

Ezell besides described the manner the aged is treated in his civilization. They are treated with a batch of regard and love. The younger people have no demand to alter their linguistic communication or gestural behaviour when interacting with an old individual. They are seen as active and still utile in some ways. In Brazil, the aged is viewed as a delicate piece of glass. They are treated with a batch of regard and love every bit good, but at the same clip we do non give them any recognition. It is really rare to see an old individual being active in Brazil, possibly because our life outlook is shorter. When a individual reaches a certain age, it seems like they lose all their value to our society. They are at that place merely to state narratives and do us laugh. We normally watch our linguistic communication and gestural behaviour in order to interact with them. For case, when speaking to my grandma, I normally try to maintain a certain distance and do non do so much oculus contact to demo regard.

Another similar facet of our civilizations is the manner we value our households. For both of us our households are the most of import thing in our lives. We both agreed with the thought that a individual is the merchandise of his/her environment. We can normally state who has a well-structured household and who does non. The parents have the same degree of regard from their kids ; the patriarchal building is it non in usage any longer. The lone difference in our positions when speaking about household is the thought that Ezell & # 8217 ; s civilization is a little more individualistic than mine and this construct intervenes even in his household. They tend to believe first about themselves than

the remainder. In my household, Bolshevism is more suited. Even though we besides have our ain single ends it normally comes right after our family’s end.

Large differences between our civilizations are the gestural behaviours. As a Brazilian miss, when recognizing a individual or run intoing a individual for the first clip you normally give two busss, one on each side of his/her face. Guys normally give a handshaking or give a clinch to the other cat and give busss to a miss. Whereas in his civilization the handshaking is normally appropriate in concern related interaction. He said that when run intoing a individual for the first clip or recognizing person he normally says & # 8220 ; Hi. How are you making? & # 8221 ; and does non touch the individual. Besides it is known that people from Brazil speak really near to each other, we normally touch the individual we are speaking to and oculus contact is reasonably long and direct. Ezell said that in his civilization you merely touch really close friends and the distance normally decreases harmonizing to the degree of familiarity. If he is speaking to a really close friend, he normally will touch that individual, but if that individual isn & # 8217 ; t shut he won & # 8217 ; t touch him/her. The same regulation is used for oculus contact. A really interesting facet of his civilization is that normally twosomes do non demo much fondness in public, it is really rare to see a twosome snoging in public or merely keeping custodies. Sometimes you can & # 8217 ; t even state who are twosomes or non. In Brazil, demoing fondness in public is really common. People merely snog, embrace each other, and keep custodies all the clip to demo that they are together. These presentations of fondness in public are so common that cipher gets offended.

Our high school systems are really different as good. In Brazil we do non hold a opportunity to pick what classes we want to take. We have to take 12 topics all twelvemonth long. Sports are non included in your instruction and if you want to play a athletics, you have to travel on your ain and wage for it. Public schools in Brazil are really bad. They normally have a batch of jobs, such as instructors traveling on work stoppage because their wage is around R $ 600 or U $ 400 per month, because of bad benefits, and even because the authorities has non paid them in three or four months. Teachers are really respected by their pupils and much more demanding, but they surely do non acquire paid what they deserve. So, cipher wants to travel to school to go a instructor because of all of the jobs. Besides, we do non travel off for college. Most of people merely live with their parents until they graduate from college and most of times they are non asked to work or pay rent, which is a common pattern in Ezell & # 8217 ; s civilization.

A immense difference between our civilizations is the consciousness of other civilizations. Brazilians, in general, have knowledge about different states. We normally watch the intelligence to happen out what is traveling on around the universe. Of class, we ever know what is go oning in the U.S. because of our economical dependence, but we are normally really interested in all the other states and their civilizations as good. When I asked Ezell if he watched the intelligence, his reply was no. He normally watches the athleticss channels, and this is a common pattern in his civilization. He views the United States as the best state in the universe, holding the economical and technological power over any other state, so why worry about others? For the three old ages of experience I & # 8217 ; ve had here, I have asked a batch of my friends what they would make if they won a million dollars right now, all of them answered they would purchase something really expensive. If the same inquiry were asked to people from Brazil, a batch of the replies would be something along the line, & # 8220 ; I would go around the universe! & # 8221 ; This response shows how egoistic and mercenary Americans can be most of the times. This individualistic position of the universe merely allows them to believe about their ain benefits and nil else. That is why their consciousness of other civilizations is so hapless and their geographical cognition is less accurate when comparing to Brazilians.

To reason, I would state that these two civilizations are slightly similar, but each has its ain singularity and this it what makes the universe interesting for us. Bing able to larn about different civilizations in this category is a good chance to open our eyes for what we have been losing out during this full clip.


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