Current Economic Situation of the Apparel Industry

4 April 2015
An analysis of the economic factors that caused a slow-down in the apparel industry.

This research paper looks into the business of fashion?s industry?s most important segment, the Apparel Industry. The clothing industry in the US has been flourishing for a long time but due to the current economic situation sales in the last two years have not been very encouraging. In this paper the author analyzes the main factors that affected the industry such as dominance of foreign producers, inflation, and reduction in employment and wages. In addition, the writer gives an overview of the main players in this industry: apparel manufacturers, apparel merchandisers and retailers.
Executive Summary
Literature Review
Brief Overview of the Apparel Industry
Financial Position in Recent Years
The Apparel Industry-Chain of Actors
Current Trends in the Market
Problems of the Industry

Current Economic Situation of the Apparel Industry Essay Example

According to the American Apparel Manufactures Association, the industry for apparel goods in the country has been facing several problems, the most pressing among them being entrance of foreign producers. A U.S. Business Reporter outlined similar problems in his 2001 report on the apparel industry. The industry, which had been showing positive signs, before the slow down has been affected by the downturn in the economic situation in the country. This has been made worse by a reduction in the employment and wages due to offshore production and a declining profit margin.

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